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RavenDB for .NET Developers: Open Source 2nd Gen Document Database

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(Please RSVP here & on vNext_OC's site ( . Thank you!) That way we can keep an easier count on food and drinks needed.

Also, Nick Winters found a possible venue for LASLUG if someone could run it who lives in LA, I can help from home.

Our Very Own Member, Daniel Lewis, will be Presenting on:

"An Introduction to RavenDB for .NET Developers"

(Einar Ingebrigtsen used RavenDB in his Monday presentation!)

<6:00pm - 7:00pm: Optional Happy Hour and


7:00pm ~ 7:15pm: Lots of Exciting Announcements(I'll tryto have it all printed so we can graze over the topics and youcan read it all at home)

~7:15pm ~ 8:30pm: Daniel's Presentation

~8:30pm ~ 9:00pm: Raffle Prizes (Hopefully I'll have Great News About

Raffle Prizes)

~9:00pm ~ "When we're darned good and ready to leave!": End of Evening

***Please note, all times are approximate until we get our mojo going at TekSystems. If you have to leave prior to the raffle when/if speakers speak long (say, Brian Lagunas is back), please feel free to leave when you have to but check with me first with your raffle tickets.***

Daniel's Presentation: "An Introduction to RavenDB for .NET Developers"

RavenDB is a new and very powerful NOSQL database option available to .Net developers. This presentation will introduce attendees to RavenDB and go through several examples of how to use it in your applications.

No prior knowledge of RavenDB, NOSQL is required.

RavenDB is a transactional, open-source Document Database written in .NET, offering a flexible data model designed to address real-world requiremnts. RavenDB allows you to build high-performance, low-latency apps quickly and efficiently.

A list of Features to whet your appetite:

"Safe by Default" Transactional Scalable (Built-in Sharing & Replication, use Sharing and Replication together) Schema-free! Up & Running in 5 Minutes!!! "It Just Works" Queries "the speed of light" via background indexing Best Practices Built In (Unit of Work, Domain Driven Design, In-memory DB for testing, Automatic Batching for self-optimization) High Performance (Fast persistence layer for every type of data model, no need for mapping or multi-level DALs) Built-in Caching Access RavenDB fro any language & technology Built-in Management Studio Extensible, Embeddable, Geo-Spacial Search Out-of-the-Box Ships with many server-side bundles (Logging, Auditing...) Alows easy replication of indexes to SQL tables Full-text search built-in Advanced search ("Suggests", "Faceted Search drill downs", "More Like This") Asynchronous Backup and Restore Multi-tenancy Attachments (Supports storing data streams that aren't actual data, i.e. images & binry data) Online Index Rebuilds in the background Fully async, C# 5.0 Ready! Cloud Hosting Available (RavenHQ, CloudBird, AppHarbor, or Azure)

Daniel's Bio:

Daniel Lewis is a Senior Developer for an IT services company named Maintech ( ( He has developed and continues to build upon an internal suite of applications called NetOps used throughout the company for a variety of purposes including Server Management, Network topology, Sub-Netting, On-Call tracking, Team Scheduling, Ticketing, Software Licensing, Document Management, and others.

When he’s not focusing on NetOps, he maintains his blog @ ( and has been building up an open source project named SympleLib ( ) which is a growing collection of C# utilities that he’s developed and uses in most of his projects. He is a contributor to (

He has also contributed to several non-profit ventures including , and .

His programming strengths lie through the entire stack, from Database Administration, through the middle tiers, right into the UX. SQL, NOSQL, C#, EF, ASP.NetMVC, HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery, and many other alphanumeric nomenclatures describe his stack. He likes AGILE approaches to development, and is a strong advocate of unit testing.

In a nutshell he’s just this guy who likes programming, likes other programmers, has started many projects, and has yet to finish a single one. (DANIEL, THIS MADE ME ROFL! - KIM)

Hope to see you all at our new venue, TekSystems!!! Let's show our support for both TekSystems and Carlo Reyes!

This is Carlo Reyes, "the man", "our man", and "a man going places", that's for sure! What a bright career this man has!

Not only does TekSystems do non-pressured job placement, but they are an "Authorized Direct Placement for Microsoft Corporation"!

Thank You to All Our Totally Awsome vNext_OC/LASLUG Members. You've All Really Stepped Up and I See Many of You are Just as Excited as I Am to Begin to Morph Our Group into What We've Wanted it to Be for So Long! Lets' Make This Happen, CoolPeople !!!

We have so many options open to us now, so everyone be thinking of how you'd like to contribute or what sub-groups you'd like to attend. These will be described in a subsequent email, and I'll *try* to have lists prepared for Tuesday.


Kim Schmidt

P.S. Anyone can call me anytime to discuss anything![masked], or email me at [masked]