Thursday after work paddle/social hour

Every week on Thursday

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After Work Paddles will meet at CAPTAINS QUARTERS boat ramp, $5 put in fee.
If you plan to attend, plan to self organize as a group and get out on the water when you're ready. The usual plan is to paddle up Harrods Creek until you get to the first minor rapid, then turn around and come back.

Quick reminder of a few things.

Follow the laws, you don't have to wear a PFD but you are required to have 1 per paddler in the boat. Its best if you wear it however, in a car crash there is no time to buckle up. The same goes for your flotation.

Carry your safety gear. A whistle on your pfd, a light, a knife are the basics. You are not required to have these but its a darn good idea.

We launch at 6:30pm.

Please be responsible for yourself, we will help you as much as possible if needed but ultimately your safety is in your hands.

After the paddle, I am encouraging a social gathering at Captain's Quarters. It can be a great way to discuss upcoming events and build a little camaraderie.

Current water conditions, and flows

Water speed

Look at Mcalpine Upper in this chart.