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Train Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do - Self Defense System
Let's meet up to Train Bruce Lee's personal Combatives System - Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do •Those who participate will receive for free... LA Combatives Burbank -Training Workbook • Know what's expected to build a strong foundation • Train what you've learned in the privacy of your home. • Work your new skills with friends or family. • Come back to class ready for more! This is an ALL LEVELS Meetup. We have a really fun small to medium sized group. Everyone loves to help and new students learn quickly. This 90 minute class is 30 minutes of workout and stretching, 30 minutes of working footwork and striking (focus mitts) and 30 minutes of technical detail. We focus on being competent with a few strong tools, rather than lots of variety - Because of this, what you learn is effective immediately. Specifically, you will learn: 1. Purposeful Warm-Up and Stretching Routines 2. Functional Fitness - Bodyweight Calisthenics and Kettlebell technique 3. Bruce Lee's On Guard Position - The Small, Phasic, Bent-Knee Stance, the heart of Jun Fan Gung Fu. 4. Bruce Lee's Modified Fencing Footwork - the person who controls the distance and angle in a fight, controls the fight. 5. Bruce Lee's 3 Primary Attacks - the most simple, direct, highest percentage and highest damage attacks. Maximum destructive output from minimum input. 6. Ultra Close Range Control & Follow Up / Escape without being chased! - Be brutally effective against one or more opponents OF ALL SIZE. Once you've struck your opponent with one or two of the Primary Attacks, you'll need the most powerful and effective Secondary Attacks to follow up with heavy damage and off-balancing so you can disable them. Hint - It isn't punching. 7. De-Escalating & Escalating - Learn when to Fight! You will be trained to recognize a potential threat, how to Defuse and De-Escalate if possible, and if there is no other choice, Escalate, Dispose and Escape Safely. 8. The 2-Foot Rule / Brim of Fire Line - Learn the Jun Fan-JKD Fighting Measure and how to use it to set up your "Jeet" (Interception). We train outdoors. Why? Bruce loved it. We love it. It's a great reason to be outside and get fresh air. If you have them, Bring..... Jump Rope Bag gloves Focus Mitts Water Towel

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