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This is a cooking group and the main focus is on cooking, though occasionally dining events are posted. If your interest is not in cooking, this group might not be a good match for you.

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Food and Sensuality
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This is going to be an underground event that will be periodically scheduled, and the details are only shared among attendees by emails and not posted on the meetup page. It is designed only for the members who are into cooking. All levels welcome. If you don't cook or have no desire to learn to cook at least, this is not for you. Details will be emailed to the members who signed up sometime this month (May). Use your imagination, not too wild, though! )

Ethiopian Cooking (2)
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http://www.marcussamuelsson.com/news/making-ethiopian-food-for-saveur-magazine http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jul/14/food/la-fo-raw-meat-rec2-20110714 Dear members, Hope you're doing fine. It took me this long to start feeling OK... 2015 was one of the toughest years for me and I'm sorry for the extended period of down time, but here I am again, ready to come out of hibernation finally and resume activities! I really appreciate many members' support and well wishes. Thank you all for your support and being patient. I'm glad I'm back! We had the first Ethiopian cooking meetup on Feb 24, 2013. I can't believe it's been already 3 years! http://www.meetup.com/LACooking/events/96120222/?a=gs1.4_l We were so impressed with the way Yemi handled ingredients, especially cutting and cleaning whole chicken so meticulously. The food tasted amazing and this time she'll teach the following: -Kifto http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jul/14/food/la-fo-raw-meat-rec1-20110714 -Ayib http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jul/14/food/la-fo-raw-meat-rec2-20110714 -Ethiopian Salad I need your help in finding a venue, hopefully in Westside or San Fernando Valley. Last time we did it at Surfas, but I want to use a different place to keep the price lower. If you're interested, please sign up tentatively, and when details are finalized (venue, price, date and time) you can officially sign up by prepayment as usual. Other cooking meetups in planning (to be announced soon) -Korean/Japanese cooking by a former restaurant owner -Indian cooking by Mugdha -Whole fish cutting and making sashimi class by Andy at Sushi Chef Institute -Tunisian cooking and I'm hoping that our members who have taught us before would agree to do it again (just name a few) -Roberta on wine and food pairing -Wendy on wine and cheese pairing -Sarah on pie making and many other classes -Philip on French cooking -Tiffany and Loan on Vietnamese cooking -David on canning and tamale making -Sal on Sicilian cooking -Kei on baking -Tzvetka on Bulgarian cooking -Trish on Uruguayan cooking I'd like to pursue other possibilities, too.. -Orly on Romanian cooking -Carolyn Yu on Chinese cooking -Dave Schwartz on Prime Rib dinner -Andree on Creole cooking Also I'm planning to visit classes at various cooking schools as well including Macrobiotic, Greek, Vegan, baking etc. And potlucks... yeah! We'll be busy soon. Please be prepared)) Sally

Banadir Somali Restaurant in Inglewood
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This is my own little way to protest and respect diversity. I'll keep posting dining events to visit restaurants from the 7 different countries. Here's a Somali restaurant in Inglewood : https://www.yelp.com/biz/banadir-somali-restaurant-inglewood Will picK a date later.

Al Tannour Restaurant in Anaheim
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Al Tannour

Date will be set later.

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