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Hari Raya Idul Fitri at Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant in Alhambra

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No, I haven't forgotten Malaysian food to celebrate the end of the fast of Ramadan!) How about "Hari Raya" (Celebration Day) at this place in Alhambra?

Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant
27 E Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801

(626)[masked] (

My father was a plant engineer who's visited more than 30 countries to supervise and Malaysia was one of them. Darn, I have never had a chance to go with him... But thank goodness to diversified communities in LA, I can check this one out!))



1. Keropok (Shrimp Chips) $2.50

"In Malaysia (, krupuk are usually made by grinding ( fish or prawns or squid or vegetables into a paste, mixing with sago ( and then deep-frying it. It comes in three main forms: keropok lekor which is long and chewy, keropok losong (steamed) and keropok keping which is thin and crispy. It is frequently served with dipping sauces."

2. Murtabak $5.75

"a dish of savoury stuffed roti, usually including minced mutton, garlic, onion, and folded with an omelette, and is eaten with curry sauce."

The photo is from a Japanese site - it says "perhaps you can call this an Indian Okonomiyaki"! lol And "good with lassi or mango juice".... Now I can't wait to try!!!))

3. Curry Puff (5 pieces) $4.95

Malaysian empanada or samosa! I am sold

4. Taukwa Goreng (4 pieces)$5.25

"Fried Tofu with yam dressing: Deep fried tofu stuffed with beansprout, jicama, shredded cucumber served with yam dressing topped with sesame and peanuts."

Nyonya-style food. Tasty Marriage between Chinese man and beautiful Malay woman...

BTW, "Goreng" means "fried" in front of a noun. I found this very interesting article:

5. Nyonya Acar $4.95

"various pickled meats and vegetables like acar keat lah (honey lime/calamansi), achar hu (fried fish), acar kiam hu (salt fish), acar timun (cucumber), acar awat (mixed vegetables)."

6. Roti Canai (2 pieces+ curry sauce) $4.25

"a thin bread with a flaky crust, fried on a skillet and served with condiments. It is sometimes referred to as roti kosong."

7. Poh Piah Goreng (5 rolls) $4.95

"Deep fried spring rolls with shredded carrot, cabbage and celery"

8. Malaysian Fried Chicken Wings (8 pieces) $5.95

"Deep fried chicken wings marinated with spices served with sweet sauce."

9. Malaysian Satay (Chicken or Beef) $6.95

"Choice of grilled beef, chicken or combination meats marinated with spices served with cucumber, onion, satay rice and peanut sauce."

10. Nyonya Lobak (2 rolls) $4.95

"The word “lobal” is coined from two components of the dish; the thick, starchy dipping sauce (lo) and the meat (bak) used for this sausage roll. The main flavouring is Chinese five-spice powder; The meat is wrapped in beancurd skins which turn crispy when deep fried."

pork w wǔxiāngfěn wrapped in yuba!

11. Poh Piah (2 rolls) $5.95

"Fresh steamed spring roll with chicken, beanprouts, jicama, carrots & eggs"


12. Green Salad $3.95

"Fresh lettuces, tomatoes and cucumber serve with peanut dressing"

13. Gado Salad $5.95

14. Chicken Salad $[masked]. Rojak $6.95

"Pineapples, cucumber, mango, papaya, jicama and tofu dipped in a light sweet chili shrimp sauce, sprinkled with peanuts"

16. Pasembor (Indian Salad) $6.95

"Fried tofu, fritters, jicama, beansprout, cucumber and egg served with yam dressing topped with peanut"

17. Sotong Salad $7.95

18. Rojak Tofu $5.25

"Fried tofu with beansprout, jicama and shredded cucumber, served with sweet chili shrimp sauce topped with peanuts"


19. Assam Soup $5.95

"Spicy and sour, served shrimps onions cucumber."

20. Kiam Chye Soup $5.95

"Salted vegetable with tomatoes chicken and tofu"

21. Bak Kut Teh $6.95

"Herbal soup with spare ribs and tofu"

22. Fish Ball Soup $5.95

"Fish balls served with vegetables and carrots in a chicken broth"

23. Yong Tow Foo $8.95

"Stuffed tofu eggplant bean curd bell pepper with fish pasta served in a bean sauce soup"

24. Curry Yong Tow Foo $8.95


25. Chicken Porridge $[masked]. Teow Chew Porridge $5.95

Noodle Soup/Gravy:

27. Ipoh Sar Hor Fun $5.95

"Flat rice noodle served with chicken, shrimp and leeks in a chicken broth"

28. Mee Thye Buck $[masked]. MeeHoon Soup Noodle $5.95

"Thin rice noodles served with chicken and shrimps in a chicken broth"

30. Penang Har Mee $6.75

"Egg noodles served with shrimps and pork in a chili shrimp soup"

31. Penang Assam Laksa $6.75

"A bowl of thick white rice noodles served in a soup made of fish, tamarind, onion, basil, pineapple and cucumber in slices."

32. Curry Laksa $6.75

"Egg or rice noodles served with shrimp, chicken and tofu in a light curry soup"

33. Penang Lam Mee $[masked]. Kuala Lumpur Loh Mee $[masked]. Laksa Lemak $[masked]. Penang Loh Mee $7.55

Fried Noodle:

37. Malaysian Mee Goreng $[masked]. Indian Mee Goreng $[masked]. Nyonya Mee Siam $[masked]. Char Kuei Teow $7.55

"Penang style stir-fried flat rice noodles with bean sprout, shrimps, chicken, eggs and leeks (spicy or non spicy)"

41. Singapore MeeHoon $7.55

"Singapore style stir fried rice noodles with shrimp, chicken, calamaris, bell pepper and onions"

42. Hokkien Mee (K.L. Style)$7.55

"Thick rice noodles stir-fried with garlic, black soy sauce with chicken, vegetables, shrimps and calamaris"

43. Ying Yang Noodles $7.95

44. Nyonya Mee $[masked]. Malaysian Fried Meehoon $[masked]. Malaysian Yee Mee $7.95

Rice Dishes:

47. Malaysian Nasi Goreng $[masked]. Pineapple Fried Rice $[masked]. Salted Fish Fried Rice $6.25

"Stir-fried rice with grounded salted-fish, bell pepper and eggs"

50. Hainanese Steamed Chicken $6.25

"Steamed chicken (with bone) served with chicken rice"

51. Hainanese Roasted Chicken $[masked]. Nyonya Nasi Goreng $[masked]. Nasi Lemak $7.75

"Chicken rendang, sambal ikan bili, calamaries, dry sambal shrimp, eggs and peanuts served with coconut rice."

54. Ayam Panggang Kecap $7.25

"Grilled chicken marinated with turmeric, kecap, lemon-grass, pepper, splices served with acar & coconut rice"

Side Dishes: (Rice is NOT included)

Chicken: $7.95

55. Limau Purut Chicken
56. Claypot Chicken Curry
57. Sambal Chicken
58. Chicken Rendang
59. Chicken Curry
60. Chicken Kumah
61. Ayam Nangka Lemak (Jackfruit)
62. Ayam Goreng Istimewa
63. Ayam Serai Nenas (Pineapple)
64. Ayam Masak Mango
65. Malaysia Style Chili Tasty Tofu
66. Ayam Percek Modern
67. Ayam Mas Berwangi (Spicy)

"Deep fried chicken marinated with spices, stir-fried with spicy plum sauce"

Beef: $8.95

68. Beef Kurmah

69. Beef Rendang

"Tender chunks of beef simmered with coconut and lemon grass in a rich curry sauce"

70. Beef Curry

"Malaysian style beef curry with potatoes and tomatoes"

71. Claypot Beef Curry
72. Claypot Lamb Curry $12.95

73. Claypot Seafood Curry $15.95

Seafood: (Rice is NOT included)
74. Sambal Ikan Bilis $[masked]. Masak Ikan Nenas Pedas $9.95

"Deep fried fish fillet with chunks of fresh pineapples, bell pepper served in a spicy tamarind sauce"

76. Bawal Goreng Berkuah $11.95

"Deep fried white pomfret served with spicy chili and scallion sauce"

77. Tow Cheong Fish $[masked]. Malaysian Ikan Panggang $[masked]. Ikan Asam Pedas $[masked]. Tow Cheong Yong Tofu $[masked]. Claypot Fish Curry $[masked]. Claypot Fish-Head Curry $[masked]. Sambal Sotong $9.95

Shrimp: $9.95

84. Udang Nangka Lemak (Jackfruit)
85. Masak Mango Udang
86. Shrimp Curry
87. Assam Shrimp
88. Sambal Shrimp
89. Udang Goreng Nenas
90. Udang Goreng
91. Sayur Lodeh (Glass Noodles)

"Shrimp, glass noodles, cabbage, okra, eggplant, bell peper, carrots and tofu served in a curry sauce."

92. Claypot Shrimp Curry
93. Butter Shirmps $12.95

Vegetables (Rice is NOT included ): $8.95

94. String Beans (Spicy/Garlic)
95. Eggplant (Spicy/Garlic)
96. Bendi (Spicy/Garlic)
97. KangKong (Spicy/Garlic)

"Water-spinach stir fried with spicy shrimp sauce"

98. Salted Fish with Bean Sprouts
99. Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce


100. Vegetarian Satay $5.95

"Marinated tofu with spices served with cucumber, onion, satay rice and peanut sauce."

101. Vegetarian Meehoon Soup $5.95

102. Vegetarian Fried Mee $[masked]. Vegetarian Fried Meehoon $[masked]. Vegetarian Fried Rice $[masked]. Vegetarian Curry Laksa $6.75

"Egg or rice noodles served with vegetables and tofu in a curry soup"

106. Vegetarian Curry $[masked]. Vegetarian Char Kuei Teow $[masked]. Vegetarian Ying Yang Noddles $7.95

Side Order:

109. Steamed White Rice (small bowl) $[masked]. Steamed Egg Noodle/Rice Noodle (small bowl) $[masked]. Flavored Rice (Chicken or Coconut) (small bowl) $[masked]. Brown Rice (small bowl) $[masked]. Roti Canai (1 Piece, no curry sauce) $[masked]. Curry Sauce (small bowl) $[masked]. Plain Porridge $3.00

Chef’s Special:

1. Otak-Otak (Appetizer) $3.00

2. Rempah Udang (Appetizer) (1 roll) $1.75

"Grilled glutinous rice with spicy grounded shrimp wrapped with banana leaves"

3. Claypot Seafood Soup $15.95

"Fresh fish fillets, shrimps, calamari, fish-balls, tofu and straw mushrooms served in white broth soup"

4. Spicy Chili Pomfret $[masked]. Belacan Asparagus $8.95
6. Beef with Green Onions $8.95
7. Plum Sauce Chicken $8.95
8. Egg Tofu with Enoki Mushroom $8.95
9. Vegetables Mixed $[masked]. Spicy Chicken Wings $8.95

"Stir-fried chicken wings with spicy chili and garlic sauce"

11. Orange Chicken $[masked]. Petai Goreng $8.95 (+shrimp) $12.95

Shave Ice:
1. Ice Kacang Merah (Red beans) $3.00
2. Ice Kacang (Red beans, corn, jackfruit, grass jelly and palm seed) $3.00

"Red beans, corn, jackfruits, grass jelly and palm seed with shaved ice topped with rose syrup and evaporated milk"

3. Pandan Cendol (Green rice floud strips with coconut milk) $3.00

"Green rice flour with coconut sugar topped with shaved ice"

4. Ice Rambutan & Nenas (Rambutan stuffed with pineapple) $2.50

1. Mango Sticky Rice (sticky rice with fresh mangoes, served with coconut milk and kaya) $4.50

2. Ketayap (Grated coconut rolled in Pandan Crepe) (1 roll) $1.75

"Pandan flour Crepe rolled in grated coconut."

3. Bubor Cha Cha (Yam, taro and sago with coconut milk) $3.00

"Yam, taro and sago served with coconut milk"

4. Bubor Pulut Hitam (Black glutinous rice with coconut milk) $3.00
5. Ice Cream (Durian, Coconut or Vanilla) (2 scoops) $2.50
6. Pisang Goreng (Fried banana topped with honey) $2.50

"Fried banana topped with honey and sesame seeds"


1. Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, or 7-up) $1.50
2. Bottle Water $1.00
3. Perrier $2.00
4. Lemonade (Yellow/Pink) $2.00
5. Lemon Ice Tea* (Unsweetened) $2.00
6. Thai Ice Coffee $2.00
7. Thai Ice Tea $2.00
8. Hot Coffee* $2.00
9. Milk $[masked]. Malaysian Coffee (Hot/Cold) $[masked]. Malaysia Tea (Hot/Cold) $[masked]. Teh Tarik (Malaysia Pulled Tea) $3.00

13. Chrysanthemum Tea (Hot/Cold) $[masked]. Barley (Hot/Cold) $[masked]. Soyabean Milk (Hot/Cold) $[masked]. Milk $[masked]. Ice Liang Feng (Grass Jelly) $[masked]. Orange Juice $[masked]. Mango Juice $[masked]. Guava Juice $[masked]. Snapple [Lemon] $[masked]. Hot Jasmine Tea (per person) $[masked]. Hot Green Tea (per person) $[masked]. Fresh Coconut $3.00

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