Special Event: Serverless/Microservices architecture on AWS


AWS provides secure scalable services to build, test, and monitor mobile apps.

AWS Mobile Hub is an entry-level platform that lets you easily add and configure backend features for apps, including user authentication, storage, APIs, serverless logic, notifications, and analytics. It automatically provisions the AWS services that power these features, and generates working apps for iOS and Android that use your provisioned services.

You can then test on the same devices your customers use and run tests across a large selection of physical devices. Unlike emulators, physical devices provide a more accurate understanding of how users interact with your app by taking into account factors such as memory, CPU usage, location, and modifications done by manufactures and carriers to the firmware and software.

In this session, we will demonstrate how to create and operate a mobile app that runs on AWS. We will stand up an API using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, and write the backend code using .NET Core.

About the Speaker:
Rohan Deshpande is a Senior Engineer with Amazon Web Services. He is the technical owner of the AWS mobile services and SDKs. He is passionate about the mobile developer experience, automation, intelligent interfaces, and serverless computing.

Verizon Digital Media Services
13031 W Jefferson Blvd
Building 900
Los Angeles, CA 90094

The first 40 attendees will have parking costs covered by Verizon Digital Media Services. Anyone arriving after that can park on Coral Tree PL ( http://bit.ly/2n64WrE). It's a short walk and we'll have a volunteer at the entrance to assist with parking.

Verizon Digital Media Services