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Let's have a fun Halloween in WeHo! Santa Monica Blvd will be filled with over 500,000 people, there are concerts and plenty of places to get a few drinks.

We can meet outside my apartment at 8:00pm. I live on Fountain Ave. I will send out the exact address when the group closes. I love near Flores, De Longpre, and Sweetzer. There is no parking ban on, so finding a spot might be difficult. But if you find a spot you are good to park, as there will be no ban on Halloween night. I will also give out my phone number too, that way you can get in contact with me if need be. If you make it later, we can all regroup at Kitchen 24 which is on Santa Monica Blvd. I planned on staying till at least midnight, as I have working on Friday, so I won't be able to stay out too late. Also, if you do not find street parking there are places that you can pay to park. (Kitchen 24 Link) (Halloween Info Link) (Parking Info Link) (Street Closure Info)