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It's Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Lets go see his star - and raise a toast.

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I'd like another drink i think
Another drink to make me pink
I think I'll drink until I stink
I'll drink until I cannot blink

. . . . .

I'll drink with my friends Jack and Ron
I'll drink until my liver's gone
I'll invite Sam and Bud and you
And Captain Morgan can come, too

A little birdy told me that Geisel has a star on the walk of fame...that's Hollywood! And what's in Hollywood? Hollywood is full of interesting characters just like in the books of Dr. Seuss.

So why are we drinking on Dr' Seuss's birthday? In 1925, the local police chief caught Dartmouth College senior Ted Geisel (Seuss) partying with his friends and a pint of bootleg gin ( this is during prohibition). The dean ousted Geisel as editor-in-chief of the Dartmouth humor magazine, but in what he called a “corny subterfuge,” Ted continued to ink cartoons under several pen names, including “Seuss” and “T. Seuss.” Geisel added the “Dr.” title a few years later.

So lets meet at the Red Line station at 5. We'll be venturing down the stairs at 5:15. We will then buy our one way tickets of $1.50 + $1 for a tap card if you don't have one. We will get off at the Hollywood/Vine exit.

We will make our way east to Dillons Irish Pub. This is probably the cheapest drinks of the night so ... duh, we should start here!

Next we go to Loaded where Thrillist says it's like a rock and roll bar. Some people say this is the place to find bikers with tattoos. Sounds like a hole in the wall. Should be some characters here. Can you find one?

Next we will go to Hemingways Lounge. I'm sure we will find some characters here.

Then we will wander down Cahuenga to find some food. We can either go to Stout for burgers or Big Wangs for some grub.

Next we will find Dr. Suess' star on the walk of fame. We will hit a few odd joints while exploring the weirdness of Hollywood. We may add or scratch places due Thing 1 and Thing 2. Last place is Pig and Whistle

But before we go...I heard that you can see Ooompa Loompas at the Wanka Chocolate Factory so let's shoot up the stairs and see if we can spot any before we go.

Then we will catch the Red Line at Hollywood and Highland. We will buy our return $1.50 fare and make our way back to the valley ... unless we get caught by the Cat in the Hat and he has Thing 1 and Thing 2 trap us in Hollywood! Do you know any Dr Seuss stories??? Bring them along. It'll be fun to share as we walk!