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David and drive by here often, have always meant to stop by and never have. What better excuse than it will be Friday night, to do so now?

Here is their menu http://tastechicago.biz/menu.html

and a write up from their page:

Created by Arlene Mantegna with the help of her and husband Joe's longtime friend (and Manager) Jo Williams, this delightful establishment brings you Italian Beef, Pizza, Ribs, Homemade Meatballs and Marinara Sauce, Frozen Custard, Eli's Cheesecakes and, as named by Valley Magazine, the "Best Chicago Dog in the Valley." Add to that Low-Carb Plates, Pepper & Egg Sandwiches, Tuna, Grilled Chicken, Annisetta and Italian Chunk Marinade Salads, Baked Potato Wedges and more. There truly is something for everyone and everything truly is great!

What started it all is the Italian Beef Sandwich that, until we opened our doors, was almost impossible to find anywhere outside of Chicago. Roasted fresh daily, sliced thin and drenched in distinctive, flavorful and authentic juices, Italian beef comes served on a 'baked fresh that morning' Italian roll. The traditional way is to add-on sautéed sweet, green peppers. Add an Italian sausage to that and now you've got a "Combo." If you're one who likes it hot, spoon on some of our Hot Giardiniera and now you're about to experience the real deal!

"My wife, Arlene, is a great cook. Out of sheer necessity she came up with her 'better than you remember it' Italian beef. It's great for big parties, so we'd serve it on Super Bowl Sunday, opening nights, reunions and all our big events that Chicago and Los Angeles friends would attend. The Italian beef was always a crowd pleaser. People would rave and say, "You should sell this! You should open up a place."

Well, all the pieces were in place; Joe's assistant, Dan Ramm, willing to help organize the contracting and a million logistics and Jo Williams, with her fabulous Sicilian pan pizza, was ready, willing and able to do whatever it took to get us going strong. And talk about the pizza! "A meal in every slice" loaded with cheese, mounds of sausage or pepperoni and chunks of tomato. Not your ordinary pizza! You can even get it heart-shaped for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

If you like ribs, you'll love ours! They're flavored to perfection with a sweet, yet tangy sauce, accompanied by creamy, Cheese Penne and signatures; lemony, fresh Annisetta Salad or the Italian Chunk Marinade Salad, with it's artichokes, celery slices, olives and romaine. Awesome.

Add to this, BBQ and grilled chicken, grilled chicken breast sandwiches, Vienna Beef Polish and Hot Polish, and fresh, locally made, Italian sausage.

If that's not enough, Frozen custard and Lemon Italian Ice are also made fresh on the premises. We also serves famous Eli's of Chicago's cheesecakes and Bristot espresso and cappuccino. "It's great introducing these fabulous Chicago foods to everyone and everyone just seems loves it. "

When you're at one of the inside or outside tables of this casual, quick-service dining & take-out place, there's an unmistakable energy of pride and good vibes that you just can't deny. Customers and workers with smiles on their faces; music playing, people eating, laughing, sipping, chatting. And don't be surprised if you see a Rolls Royce, limousine or vintage motorcycle in the parking lot. It probably just belongs to one of the many local celebrity regulars.

Come, visit, sit on the cozy porch and enjoy. You'll see... it truly is the real deal!

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