Awesome InDesign Tables (and Layouts with Tables That Don't Look Like It)


Jason Hoppe will show you how to build and edit tables from the simple to the complex. Newbies will be able get their feet wet in tables, while the more experienced can learn tips and tricks to make working with tables easier and faster.

Tables are one of Jason's favorite features in InDesign. He thinks of tables as boxes in which he can put any content, and emphasize the “any” content portion. Understanding how to format tables quickly and effectively is key to Jason's presentation. Knowing and working with all the attributes can help you create incredibly complex tables. The unexpected bonus of knowing tables is that those same attributes can solve layout dilemmas that, at first glance, might not be so obvious. Tables often offer solutions beyond what people think of tables.

Takeaways from this presentation:
• Think of tables as a grid, like a spreadsheet.
• Add, duplicate, move and remove rows and columns.
• Resize rows and columns individually or proportionately.
• Flow long tables over multiple pages.
• Control headers and footers.
• Split and merge cells in numerous combinations.
• Turn on and off table row and column strokes in endless combinations, including the new features of adding paragraph shading and borders.
• Discover how table cells can have a variable height that changes with the content.
• Find out how to insert images into table cells.
• Learn to think of table cells as packages in which you can put any content for easy alignment of items.

And most importantly:
• These features can be used for layouts that you don’t want to look like a table and can be used as a simple way of inputting and aligning content.

Bonus: All attendees get a copy of Jason Hoppe's Table Shortcut Sheet.

About the Presenter

Jason Hoppe is an Adobe Certified Expert InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat and an Adobe Authorized Instructor, and was recently named an Adobe MAX master. He was the founding instructor of CreativeLive and has created more than 250 videos in graphic design and production. He writes an Illustrator blog on all things Illustrator at and is the author of Illustrator Course and Compendium due out in December 2019 by Rocky Nook publishers. He teaches at the School of Visual Concepts, LuminousWorks and Seattle Central College.

His love of creation and discovery comes from customizing lawn mowers at an early age and his profound love of cars from the age of three. Being raised with no television, he channeled his curiosity and energy fixing, restoring and collecting cars since he was 14, and is a self proclaimed car whisperer. He lives in Seattle with his partner and two wonderful hairless cats.

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