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Topher x Panda: The Munchkining

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The backstory: When Panda last encountered Topher, they pitted Munchkins against each other and came to a stalemate. When Topher suggested pitting kittens against each other instead, Panda reluctantly agreed, and Topher took advantage of the situation by capturing all of Panda's kittens and throwing them into a blender. Panda swore revenge just before Topher laughed maniacally and darted off into the distance...

You're all invited to the next round of that battle. We will all be pitted against each other as Munchkins with full stomachs. 8 will join the fray but only one will leave victorious!

That being said, you can check out Sauce's menu here ( It should be a given that we'll be playing some version of Munchkin (rules here ( I'll also bring Kittens In A Blender, but feel free to bring additional games. Nothing too disruptive to the folks around us, though! Then again, we could just stroll down to the beach and continue our adventures there...