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Inland Empire Fighter's Guild - Learn LARP combat!

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This Chapter of the Fighter's Guild is sponsored by Realms of Conflict!

This is a beginner to intermediate level "fighter practice". The term fighter practice was coined decades ago by one of the first LARPs, the IFGS. A class-based system, their "fighter" class inspired the term (combat practice is a more generalized term that is being used more nowadays). At this Guild practice, we teach the basics; how to use boffer, latex, or hybrid LARP weapons in combat and how combats play out in a Live Combat LARP. The safe and consistent use of these weapons is of primary importance to the practice. Good sportmanship and fighting well and fairly within the selected combat category (Lightest Touch, Moderate, Heavy, of Full Contact) are also taught as canon to our students.

Terminology and skill "calls" that are used in games, from oog (out of game) calls to actual in-game mechanic calls are covered; we try to use different systems calls in a manner that is not confusing to the newcomer. We run many different form of combat games to help simulate situations. We give advice to to help improve game play on all levels - from how to survive from a player's perspective to being an effective opponent to a player. Some basics information regarding playing out roles in games are addressed; my perspective is that it comes naturally to most.

Saying that, we do also have instructors at the Guild practice that will be able to teach good combat techniques, sometimes we even have instructors that teach different forms of combat (we are a Lightest Touch to Moderate practice normally).

We are using RoC rules to create characters for our members to run small story arcs and encounters. If you need to find out more about RoC, visit to look at rules. All are welcome, and as many questions that you can think of. We do have a short supply of weapons to loan out (we run weapon-building days to help everyone build their own basic sword), and have Iron Liege gear on hand to gawk at.

Rick McCoy

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