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Quadcopter and Multirotor Intro Build Class (Limited Space)

Hosted by Simon N.
From LA Robotics Club

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Details class is a hands-on introduction to multirotors and we will be assembling and flying your quadcopter or hexacopter of choice. Please visit for brief intro to quadcopters.

The goal of this class is to familiarize you with multirotors and build your first quadcopter or hexacopter. Past attendees have averaged 1.5 class to finish their project, but a few individuals have managed to fly their quadcopter at the end of their first class.

Things we will cover:

Basic Principles Individual Component Function Complete Assembly Controller Configuration Testing and Troubleshooting
We will be focused on the following kits, but feel free to bring other kits you already have and we will be happy to help if we are able to. These kits are fundamentally very similar.

F330 ARF Kit, Great starter quadcopter that is powerful enough to carry a small camera and GPS. ( ) F450 ARF Kit, This quadcopter is a little larger than the F330, which results in higher payload carrying capabilities. You can easily mount a GPS and a GoPro or similar size camera to this model. Can also be used for FPV. ( ) F550 ARF Kit, Hexacopter with enough power to carry a small DSLR, GPS and even FPV equipment. Recommended for individuals who aim to use their multirotor for serious aerial photography. ( ) You will in addition also need a controller, battery, charger and transmitter/receiver combo.

We recommend the following additional parts as a good place to start.

There are two good options for Controllers. Both can be expanded with GPS. A) DJI NAZA-M Lite, simple controller that is very stable and easy to set up. ( ) B) Quadrino Controller, based upon the Arduino. It will require a little more setup and adjusting than the DJI Controllers, but programmers will appreciate that the software is open source and that the source code can be changed. ( ) 3300mAh 3s battery ( ) and Lipo charger ( ) Turnigy 9x, Not the most accurate transmitter on the market, but by far the best value. We do not recommend that you spend $200-$500 on a transmitter unless you are sure this hobby is for you. ( ) Kits and parts can be purchased online at and all LA Robotics Members receive 10% off Multirotor Kits with the coupon: Meetup

Please make sure that you choose "PICKUP" if you wish to use the coupon and contact me if you run into any issues or have any questions.

There is absolutely no requirement that you purchase kits and parts from, but we do appreciate your support.

Signup Fee: The nominal $2 fee goes to LA Robotics Club and due to limited space, simply a way to ensure that people are committed to attending the class.

Tools: We have all the tools necessary, but please bring your own soldering iron if you have one. Let's build some quadcopters!


  • Michael F.


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    4 years ago
  • crablouis


    Looks OK for moi

    4 years ago
  • Simon N.

    Sorry to the people who already signed up, but I had to change the date till Sunday. I hope you can still make it.

    4 years ago