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Join the founder of Latoken to discuss how LA Directed Acyclic Graph (LA DAG) can automate capital markets, money and states.

Can DAG process millions of transactions per second to serve entire trading and banking?
Will smart contracts borrow crypto to banks and execute monetary policies like central banks?
Can public ledger automate state elections, courts, budgets and leapfrog weak institutions for 7 bn people?
How to make crypto official worldwide?
Will trade in crypto exceed fiat?
How will millions of tokenized assets worth of trillions dollars be (self) regulated? Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, founder and CEO of LATOKEN, ex. hedge fund manager and serial entrepreneur, made 200+ meetups and the Blockchain Economic Forum to empower blockchain leaders to automate bureaucracies and make crypto official worldwide.

Managing Partner Roman Zhdanov will highlight how to get involved in LA DAG developers ecosystem and ChainDev meetups, and how to get access to qualified investors and raise $1m on presale on LA platform.

LATOKEN is a crypto exchange and asset tokenization platform for compliant Token Sales and trading.

Visit our websites to get more information about LATOKEN (www.latoken.com) and the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore visited by president of Mexico and 1500+ investors and entrepreneurs. And don’t forget to check out the highlights of BEF’s insightful discussions on our YouTube Channel:


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