• September Social Evening+Networking

    Everson Royce Bar

    Ah, end of summer! Hang out with new and old friends in the tech+social impact space. ERB is super chill and the perfect venue for an LA outdoor evening. Guaranteed that you will meet interesting people!

  • on vacation

    Big Bear Lake

    See you in the fall!

  • LAUX #DesignImpact Series: UNICEF Kid Power app

    BLANKSPACES - Santa Monica Coworking Office Space

    Case Study: Ethical Product Design or Designing for Social Impact Over Profit As part of LAUX Meetup's #DesignImpact series, they have invited the two Product Design team members for the UNICEF Kid Power app to talk about their product and experiences. UNICEF Kid Power takes students on a journey where their everyday activity is connected to real-world impact – and recently won the Most Significant Impact award from Games For Change and an honorable mention in Fast Co World Changing Ideas 2019! Speakers are: Mike Estano, UX Strategist / Creative Director Ryan Modjeski, Managing Director of Product and Platform In a marketplace where users refuse to pay for products but money still needs to be made somewhere, a UX designer is often at odds with themselves. A good user experience vs. a business model that pushes us to exploit character weaknesses on our users and KPIs that drive us to unethical systems for monetization. In this case study, Mike and Ryan will look at some common practices and how they turned them on their heads with their current project with UNICEF Kid Power. With 50 combined years of product design experience, they have worked together over the past 5 years taking the UX tools common among “habit forming” products and retention tricks and reapplying them in a way that promotes healthful user engagement and positive outcomes as a way to create products with Social Impact that works and is a viable business. They’ll also give some insights into the data they see that backs up the idea that Social Impact and Ethical Design can be profitable. Purchase your tickets at https://www.meetup.com/ia-55/events/261939415 and join the Los Angeles User Experience Meetup at https://www.meetup.com/ia-55.

  • Building Technology that Matters

    General Assembly Santa Monica Campus

    Challenges and questions about technology’s impact on our communities are everywhere. What you choose to do with your career in tech has the potential to shape our society for decades to come. LA Tech4Good, the Innovation for All Podcast and Repurpose Your Purpose are teaming up to talk about careers at the intersection of technology and society. General Assembly Santa Monica is our host venue – RSVP on their site at http://bit.ly/GA-TTM Can we build technology that values data privacy? How do we build AI that fosters inclusion and diversity, instead of scaling biases? What does it mean to build inclusivity in your product from the get go? Come for a deep dive beyond tech skills and job titles and meet folks who have found a way to have fulfilling technology careers while tackling some of the most complex issues facing the industry. Then stay for a chance to connect and interact with fellow attendees, and leave feeling inspired and empowered to make a difference. Why It Matters: This panel will think critically about the important effects of technology on our communities and the topics we often avoid exploring when talking about careers in tech. Through technology you can choose to have a positive influence: What will you create? Our panelists are: – Amanda McGlothlin, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at HQ Network – Juan Sebastian Vasquez, Data Programs Manager, Office of Finance, City of Los Angeles - Michael Martin, Co-Founder and Director of Public Policy, Free Machine, and Head of Communities at SignalFire - Terence Honles, Principal Software Engineer at Nexleaf Analytics Repurpose Your Purpose https://www.repurposeyourpurpose.com The Innovation for All Podcast: https://innovationforallcast.com

  • FYI: AI LA Symposium – AI, Ethics + Fairness

    The AI LA Community is hosting its annual symposium on June 20. LA Tech4Good encourages you to attend this second event of the June series on exploring the ethical landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and what we can do as individuals The well-rounded expert panel includes a professor of applied ethics, a policymaker, a researcher, and a product practitioner. They will cover both theoretical and practical grounds, and survey today’s ethical landscape. Read more & rsvp at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ai-la-symposium-ai-ethics-and-fairness-tickets-62179624932

  • Innovating Tech Resources for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

    Join LA Tech4Good, Survivors' Truths, Consultant/Advocate LaRae Cantey and FreeFrom in forum on empowering survivors of domestic and gender-based violence through technology. Presenters: • Dove Pressnall, Executive Director, Survivors' Truths • Larae Cantley, Consultant/Advocate • Amy Durrence, Esq, Director of Law and Policy, FreeFrom Dove will set a framework on whose voices matter and centering survivors’ knowledge and expertise. Larae will challenge organizations to fully value and support survivors who bring their expertise to the table and offer practical tips for what that can look like. Amy will present a case study, sharing how FreeFrom is leveraging technology to make resources for survivors of gender-based violence more accessible and survivor-centered. >> It would be awesome if you can donate to the speaker honorarium for this event! The event is free so everybody can attend. Can't come? You can support it too! http://bit.ly/LAT4G-DV-EB. Learn more at www.freefrom.org, www.survivorstruths.org and https://www.csh.org/supportive-housing-101/speak-up.

  • FYI: AI LA – Ethics, Tacos & Tequila

    Kluge Interactive

    During the month of June, the AI LA Community is exploring the ethical landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and what we can do as individuals. This is the first of several events that LA Tech4Good encourages you to attend. Read more & rsvp at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ai-la-ethics-tacos-tequila-tuesday-tickets-62848046198. Discount KLUGE gets you 10% off

  • Girls in Tech LA presents: Spring Social Mixer for Women, POC & Allies

    Join our friends Girls in Tech Los Angeles for their Spring Social Mixer to network with women, POC and our allies in tech and entrepreneurship. Enjoy an evening of wine, appetizers and conversation. They will have activities to help you network with attendees and members of ERGs from local startups and companies, and will wrap up the night with a fun raffle and a swag bag of treats! Yes, you must purchase tickets through Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/girls-in-tech-la-presents-spring-social-mixer-for-women-poc-allies-in-tech-tickets-55102582307

  • Major Giving Made Easy with Salesforce! 3 Strategies for Nonprofit Fundraising

    We will guide you through 3 simple strategic approaches for taking your major giving program to new levels - or starting one from scratch - and how you can customize Salesforce to make it achievable for any size organization. Everyone knows that your donor database is your most important tool to capture the major gifts that will transform your organization and fuel your mission. But in the day to day of going through the fundraising motions with the same old supporters, it can seem impossible to break through to new major donors or move your existing ones to higher levels of engagement. It doesn’t have to be! 6:30 Networking • 7pm Presentation • 7:45 Q&A About Russ Feldman Starting as an arts administrator and self-taught database wrangler in New York City, Russ has used the power of data and automation to achieve results for his clients, nonprofits and small and midsize businesses. He’s worn most hats in the Salesforce ecosystem over the last 10 years, from salesperson to administrator to consultant since 2014. He is co-leader of the Los Angeles Salesforce Administrator Trailblazer Community and has spoken at numerous Salesforce events across the country about how people, process, and technology can come together to solve business problems. You can find him in the Twitterverse @russforce and reach him at his website http://missionpros.com. About Janet Levine For over 30 years, Janet has worked In the nonprofit sector, first as a front line fundraiser ultimately becoming VP of Advancement at a public university. In 2007, she started Janet Levine Consulting, helping nonprofits of all sizes go from mired to inspired. In addition to consulting, Janet is a regular presenter and trainer at conferences and for organizations that serve the nonprofit sector. She teaches 4 online courses through Ed2Go and has been on the faculty at UCLA’s fundraising certificate program. You can learn more about Janet at her website, http://janetlevineconsulting.com

  • Spring Networking Evening

    Everson Royce Bar

    Networking, beverages and spring weather! Connect and share notes with others in the tech+social impact space! Guaranteed that you will meet interesting people!