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LAUNCH! Annapolis Dev Talks
LAUNCH! Annapolis Dev Talks
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The Commons

209 West St Suite 201 · Annapolis, MD

How to find us

The Commons is upstairs in Suite 201. Ring the bell if the door is locked. We're on the corner of West Street and Southgate Avenue in Annapolis. More about The Commons here:

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Join us as we interactively examine the life cycle of your product or venture, whether at startup or beyond, in a seminar/workshop at "The Commons" in Annapolis, with Art Moore and Patrick Rockhill of Clear Systems LLC.

This seminar is for developers, entrepreneurs, and teams currently involved in a startup or product innovation at any stage, or interested in becoming involved with one. In fact, anyone seeking to improve growth, delivery, and business/IT alignment in their area is invited.

Register Now! . . . Agenda: Great snacks and then the Event.

Attendees will step through the stages of any product life cycle. Together we will identify essential lean, lean-startup, and agile practices that apply at each step and the alignment required at these points between the business and product delivery in order to achieve sustainable innovation. Participants will spot their own position and misalignment in the life cycle and begin shaping action plans to address them and to accelerate progress forward.

This interactive seminar will cover:
* The fundamental stages of a product life cycle
* How business & product delivery collaborate at each stage to achieve sustainability
* The lean/agile maturity level to be attained at each step
* Secrets to successful innovation.

* A roadmap for sustainable innovation through business/IT alignment
* Attendees’ entrepreneurial stages and misalignment
* Lean, lean-startup, agile & even blitz-scaling actions to remedy misalignment
* Establishment of a collaborative cohort to sustain group learning & mutual growth.

Whether it's coding algorithms, structuring digital services or conceiving a new approach to the classic coffee house, a product initiative needs to apply practices appropriate to the stage it’s in.

There's great power in knowing exactly where you are now, where you are headed, and the next steps to get there.

Join us in exploring the product life cycle and your position in it. Attain greater certainty on where your team or initiative is in that curve. Take the opportunity to identify misalignment that may exist, optimum development/business actions for that stage and what you can do about it. And perhaps most importantly, share and learn from what those around you are experiencing as well.

Art Moore, Founder of Clear Systems LLC, has long provided organizational and process coaching, mentoring and training. Clear Systems provides Lean/Agile & Business Agility certification training (SAFe and ICAgile), coaching and transformation.

First as a software developer, and then in leadership, Art managed multiple consultancies, growing a national practice of senior software architects.

As a founding member of an IT consultancy, he contributed delivery & marketing, providing transformational consulting to multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Art is a contributing author on 2 books, one seen as ground breaking.

Process improvements he developed for a major federal agency were rated best practice by Forrester Research.

Patrick Rockhill, a startups veteran beginning in Austin, continuing in California and Maryland, is working on automation and the future eCommerce communications.

At the University of Texas, classmates and he launched a record company with local Jazz, Funk, R&B and Country artists.

His exited his longest running venture in 2011 after writing all enterprise-wide code and delivering systems to over 70 inbound call centers.

Partnering with the Intel Corporation, Patrick rolled out the world's first 3 Video/Voice over I.P. contact centers.

As CEO, he doubled metrics including # of phone agents for one of those centers earning top honors per industry quality criteria, 2 years in a row.

In his recent venture, his newest enterprise system automatically added over $12 million in orders for the beta site doubling that company's size.

As a founder and student of Technology Entrepreneurship and Agile, Patrick brings bootstrapping experience in software ventures and startups.