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Los Angeles Usability Professionals’ Association and LA PHP Meetup are delighted to announce a joint event, LA’s first Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). GAAD is a community-driven international effort to increase awareness of digital (web, software, mobile app/device, touch screen kiosk, etc.) accessibility for people with disabilities.

Do you know how well the interfaces you design or build work for users with disabilities? Users browsing the web with accessibility devices are often frustrated by the barriers that we as designers & developers unknowingly put in their way.

The Audio-Only User Experience

Yahoo's Todd Kloots ( will discuss: What exactly are screen readers anyway? And how do people use screen readers to consume web content and use web apps? This talk aims to answer those very questions. And more. Through this session you'll gain a better understanding of the technology, and how the decisions you make in code can positively and negatively impact the user experience for someone who is visually impaired. You'll (hopefully) leave more empowered to use a screen reader to test your code, inspired to learn more, and design truly usable solutions going forward.

Todd Kloots (@todd ( is based in San Francisco, currently working as an engineer with Yahoo!'s Inclusive Design team. Through his role at Yahoo! Todd educates engineers, designers and product managers on the importance and use of web standards and accessibility. He also works directly with engineering teams on the design and implementation of accessibility features, and is a contributor to Yahoo!'s Accessibility Code Library (

When he's not writing code, Todd works on his other passion: making and drinking coffee. Follow his progress of perfecting latte art on Flickr (

Accessibility on Mobile Devices: Where Audio and Touch Come Together

In this presentation Yahoo's Victor Tsaran ( will outline the current state of accessibility on mobile devices and various mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). Victor will also spend some time discussing the many great advantages that touch and audio bring to the user experience that are not available on desktop. Needless to say, where there are advantages, there must be challenges. He will discuss them as well.

Since 2005 Victor (@vick08 ( works at Yahoo! as a Senior Inclusive Design Program Manager, where he oversees companywide local and global accessibility activities (accessibility lab, policies, guidelines and research projects). In addition to his internal responsibilities, Victor participates in various public events that promote accessibility around the world. Prior to his job at Yahoo!, Victor worked as an Accessibility Programmer at BART Group, McLean, Virginia on various consulting contracts ranging from Section 508 testing for federal agencies (USPTO, VA, EOP etc) to adapting proprietary software for businesses (AOL, T-mobile, Freedom Scientific etc).

Between 2000 and 2002, after having received Bachelors degree in computer science from Temple University, Philadelphia, Victor traveled extensively in South East Asia teaching computers to the visually impaired users of different ages in countries, such as Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. This work was carried out for ON-NET, Overbrook Nippon Network on Educational Technology. Victor also taught courses on assistive technology in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Since 1998 through 2010 Victor served as a web master for ICEVI (International Council for Education of Visually Impaired), (, an organization devoted to promoting equal educational opportunities for visually impaired children around the world. In 1996 Victor co-established one of the first computer centers for visually impaired in Ukraine. In addition to his job responsibilities, Victor has a passion for jazz guitar and participates in various open source projects, the most famous of which is JSonar,, the software which enables visually impaired musicians around the world to use Cakewalk Sonar, the world’s leading music recording application for Windows.

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