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I've been busy...but finally found time to write this intro.

Some people are spontaneous, energetic, and full of life.

Some people don't want to do the same, boring things or go back to the same old places.

Been there, done that. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Some of you have an adventurous spirit, open mind, and an insatiable thirst and appetite for life...for trying, seeing, and doing new things.

We all know "life is short."

Our time is limited and finite for discovering new places, experiencing new things, meeting new people, and making new, lasting memories.

This group will attempt to bridge and connect like-minded people together.


This group is intended to be open, inclusive, inviting, welcoming, and community-based (i.e. member-based). Ideally, our goal is this should feel like it's your group and each member can offer ideas, share suggestions, and plan events.

Some of you are active in other meetup groups (hiking, outdoor activities, etc.). So you know some groups have one or a few organizers who plan, schedule, and host events.

Well, has anyone ever encountered?:

• you see a hike or other activity you want to join, but it's full (or over-crowded)

• you see something you want to do, but scheduling doesn't work out, and they probably won't do it again for a while

• you have a great idea for a hike/event, but since you're not an organizer, they won't let you post your idea


Instead of missing out, why not take charge and be in control?

Many of you are experienced and knowledgeable (more than me), and have a myriad of fun ideas.

I'm busy with other groups, and my weekends are mostly devoted to volunteering, so I'm unable to regularly host/plan events.


If anyone wants to suggest (or lead) a hike, just lmk and if it seems appealing for the group, it can be set up.

Message me via:|man


btw, a few people have recently asked about an acronym:

lmk = let me know

Also, some Meetup groups allow members to create suggested events. In my other groups, that option is turned on and people can post suggestions.

For some reason, the option looks unavailable. Maybe Meetup removed the feature for new groups.

Anyhow, if anyone wants to suggest something, post a comment or email me your idea with relevant info & details (what, where, when, etc.) and if it sounds good, it can be shared with the group.

Just lmk. (


Some Hiking Trails: (


If anyone wants to suggest (or lead) a backpacking trip or camping trip, same thing, just lmk. (|man)

Caveat: one small request...for anything involving money, my preference is everyone be honest, fair/reasonable, and transparent.

I've seen a few people/groups charge a lot of $ for trips. Not all...some people/groups charge a very fair and acceptable fee. For those who charge a high price, I understand and sympathize. Of course it's their right and prerogative to determine what amount of $ they want.

It takes a lot of time and energy to plan, coordinate, manage, and oversee an event; and a host/leader is justified in expecting to be fairly compensated and reimbursed. Nobody should lose $ for organizing an event.

However, nobody wants to be ripped off, exploited, or if anyone decides to plan a backpacking trip, camping trip, or day-trip, thank you for making it fun and reasonably priced for everyone.


If anyone wants to suggest (or lead) a day-trip or weekend get-away, same thing, just lmk. (

Albuquerque Balloon Festival, Big Bear, Big Sur, Catalina, Channel Islands, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Idyllwild/San Jacinto, Mammoth Lakes, Mojave, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sequoia, Utah skiing/snowboarding, Yosemite, Zion, etc.


Nearly everybody says they love to travel. Maybe your friends don't have the same vacation time or scheduling/availability doesn't align. Maybe they are busy with family/kids, work, or other things.

Is there a destination you've always wanted to visit, but haven't because nobody was available to join you?

Do you want to avoid group tours or travel agents that over-charge for expensive travel packages?

Then feel free to suggest your own destination.

Maybe an African Safari, Alaska, Australia, Bali, Bora Bora, Caribbean Islands, China, Europe, Europe backpacking, Fiji, Great Barrier Reef, Greece, Hawaii, Iceland, India, Jackson Hole, Japan, Machu Picchu, Madagascar, Morocco, New Zealand, Palau, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Salar de Uyuni, Scandinavia, Seychelles, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Tanzania, Thailand, Vancouver/Whistler, etc.

A trip/vacation might be challenging to do with total maybe start off slow...share your idea.

If others are interested, maybe meet for coffee/tea to talk, or go on some hikes together, or do some other group activities.

If you all have a good vibe and connection, and become good friends and comfortable with one another, then proceed together in planning a fun adventure/vacation together.


This group was honestly created on an impulsive whim. Maybe some of you are also spontaneous.

Unfortunately, I'm usually busy and can't plan many events, but hopefully some members (you) will have an adventurous spirit in stepping forward and getting involved in making this your group...where everyone is free to take initiative and collaborate together for awesome trips/events.

Thank you.


If any members are new to Meetup or nervous about doing trips & activities with new people, my observation is that many people are friendly and share your attitude for enjoying life and seeing the world.

My experience of meeting new people and making new friends has been good and positive. Hopefully you all have success too. Cheers.

Oh, and if anyone feels shy or hesitant, if it would help, here are some examples of trips/events:

• Eastern Sierra

• Malibu

• Anza Borrego

• Santa Barbara & Solvang

• Joshua Tree

• Zion, Page, & Bryce Canyon

• Big Sur

• Yosemite & Sequoia

• Anza Borrego

• Joshua Tree

• Death Valley

• La Jolla & San Diego

• Joshua Tree

• Calgary & Banff

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