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Lego® Serious Play® Finland welcomes you to our local Finnish MeetUp Group of Facilitators and Serious Play Friends based in Helsinki.

We run different kinds of MeetUp:

a Mini MeetUp: A Lego® Serious Play® Workshop for a maximum of 10 persons gives an introduction to Lego® Serious Play® using basic and mid level Lego® Serious Play® application techniques, namely: building individual models and shared models. If you're curious about Lego® Serious Play® and what to know more, this free mini meet is for you. An example of a mini Meetup run by Minna @ Segmento: https://www.facebook.com/events/507105249677907/

a Bigger MeetUp: We are happy to facilitate bigger audiences with the help of several certified facilitators. If you're looking for engaging program for a seminar, conference or trade fair, please contact us for ideas how to engage the audience with an unforgettable hands-on experience. En example of a bigger MeetUp run by Jaana@AtWork & Minna@Segmento http://www.businesscampturku.fi/portfolio/legoseriousplay .

a Facilitator MeetUp: The facilitators meet regularly to exchange best practices, case examples as well as to refine the techniques how to implement the results into business practice. If you're dreaming of becoming a facilitator yourself, please read more about training and certification at http://seriousplay.training/. Facilitator meetups are solely for certified facilitators trained by the Association of Master Trainers.


We facilitate fluently in Finnish, Swedish, English, and Italian. We are used to switching the communication language of any MeetUp based on the audience's wishes. Foreign visitors are also welcome to join our sessions!

There are other LEGO Serious Play MeetUp Groups in e.g.:
Germany | Berlin
Canada | Montreal
Holland | Utrecht
Belgium| Leuven
Special administrative region of China | Hong Kong

About the Lego® Serious Play® friends and facilitators MeetUp group. This MeetUp group is run with enthusiasm by five Finnish certified facilitators of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials.

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