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The end goal is to score a night solely focus on debuting electronic musicians. In the meantime lets just meet up at local open mics. assemble and get familiar so we can freely share resources and information, drink smoke and chill.

I am bored of the singer-songwriters on acoustic guitars or ukeleles crying about lost love and singing the same cover songs.

I need to see something new and exciting.

I recommend as little gear as possible. O be fair to the stage and sound person please LIMIT everything to one device.

Often the stages have no power plugs and only have a 1/4 inch output so be smart and bring adapters and devices with batteries. Eventually, we will have a spot that accepts multiple inputs and has power outlets,

the traditional views of futurism are listed but are irrelevant to this meetup. Just play.

for the young to keep away from conservatories and to study independently;

the founding of a musical review, to be independent of academics and critics;

abstention from any competition that was not completely open;

liberation from the past and from "well-made" music;

for the domination of singers to end, so that they became like any other member;

for composers to write their own, which were to be in free verse (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_verse); and to promote new work in preference to old.

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