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Monthly Meetup Confirmed!!!

Hey Hackers,

Everything is booked and we are good to go for another round of security topics. I know we have a small community up here, but I am always looking for people to help participate. My thought is to break up the meetup with both beginner topics and then more advanced topics.

Please remember that these LETHAL Meetups are about sharing information and helping teach/inform our community about security and awareness.

Current Speakers:

Long Topics:

Speaker:Peter (Me)
Topic: Reverse Shells and Battling AV
Details: From Netcat to Meterpreter to Evading AV, you'll see it all. I'll be demonstrating how to create reverse shells, which encoders/encrypters work, and how you might protect yourself against them. By the end of the presentation I'll be showing you how to create multiple different types of dynamic payloads for a fully patched Windows 7 OS with AV up-to-date.

Short Topics:

I'm still looking for anyone that wants to present 15 minutes quick spots. It could be on any security topic or something that you might be interested in. Topics that other people might be interested in: XSS, SQLi, Reverse Engineering, Buffer Overflows, Password Cracking, Lock Picking, Social Engineering, or anything else. The best way for you to get better is to get involved.

Speaker: Kevin
Topic: OS X Host Based Intrusion Detection
Details: Creating a HIDS system for OS X

Speaker: Dawn
Topic: Catch Me If You Can
Details: Tracking a Hacker

Lastly, if you are going to Defcon/Bsides, give me a holler. Of course I'll be there.


###Default Requirements###

What do you need:

Bring a laptop (whatever flavor)
Install VMplayer or Virtual Box
Download Kali 32-bit vmware (not the iso)
Might help to have a Windows VM also
Make sure it all works!
Passion to Learn and Participate!

###Default Requirements###

Hackers Asking For Help! Booking these rooms do cost quite a lot of money. Any donations to keep this group going will help out tremendously. These donations will go straight back into our community. You can click the link below to donate via Paypal.

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