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LETHAL - Monthly Meetup (June)

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*We are still looking for Presenters & Speakers! If you are interested, contact me and we can discuss details. Thanks!


This month's LETHAL meeting theme is back to basics. We'll have some tools and demonstrations, talk about the Target breach, and finish with a security round table. The round table will be a great time to ask questions, specially if you are interested in getting in the field.

Don't forget to grab a copy of "The Hacker Playbook" on Amazon:[masked]/. (

If you can, go through the setup phase of the book on a Kali Virtual Machine, you'll be ready for our labs. Remember to check for updates here: .


I'm still looking for anyone that wants to present 15 minutes quick spots. It could be on any security topic or something that you might be interested in. Topics that other people might be interested in: How I Got Into Security, XSS, SQLi, Reverse Engineering, Buffer Overflows, Password Cracking, Lock Picking, Social Engineering, or anything else. The best way for you to get better is to get involved.

=========Current Speaker List=========

Topic: Hydra and Brute Forcing
Speaker: Spike
Description: admin/admin and... I'm In!

Topic: Detailed Information on the Target Breach
Speaker: Tom
Description: dot dot pwn.

Topic: Back to Basics - Cookie Monster
Speaker: Peter Kim
Description: Going to talk about attacking web cookies, demoing some cookie stealing code, and what penetration testers look for in cookies.

Topic: Security Roundtable
Speaker: Aryan, Kevin, Pete, Peter (mod)
Description: Since we have a lot of Lethal members either interested in security or trying to get into this field, I wanted to have an open roundtable with people in this field. The speakers will have backgrounds in security information event monitoring, penetration testing, incident response, and forensics. This will be heavily question/answer based with audience participation.

=========Current Speaker List=========

Hackers Asking For Help! Booking these rooms do cost quite a lot of money. Any donations to keep this group going will help out tremendously. These donations will go straight back into our community. You can click the link below to donate via Paypal.

*If everyone can donate 5-10 bucks, that would help out tremendously for the room reservation.