Come to the May LASLUG Meetup

Hosted by Los Angeles Azure and Big Data User Group

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United Future / Wongdoody

8500 Steller Dr · Culver City, CA

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email Victor at wpfauthor at gmail

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Hello LASLUGers!

IMPORTANT: To view this meeting online go to:

(in order to participate in the raffle you must live outside of a 100 mile radius of Los Angeles)

What an EXCITING transformation LASLUG has gone through since our last meeting.

1. Since then Victor Gaudioso has taken over sole control over the group

2. Major Sponsors have signed-on to donate money, software, swag and hardware!

3. New sponsors include Telerik, Manning, ComponentOne, VIBlend, Syncfusion, The Jeff Levy Show, Nowcom, the Silverlight Show, the WP7 Dev Podcast, Safari and many other in the works.

4. We have brought on a new Leadership Team:

a. Victor Gaudioso - Founder/President/Organizer

b. Ryan Lowdermilk - Co-Organizer/Talent Scout

c. Tony Abel- Chief Financial Officer

d. Kim Schmidt - Special Events Coordinator

e. Dylan Campbell - Venue Scout Officer

What does this mean for our members? Well for example in our April meeting we gave away $2,500 with of Free Prizes, not bad right? Well in April (and every meeting after then) we will be giving away OVER $12,000 in Prizes!


We have a great meeting lined up for you! Again, with over $12,000 in prize give-aways. But the real reason you come is for the Presentations! And we have two ROCKIN' Presentations for you:


Josh Kales & Brandon Schoen

First: Josh Kales and Brandon Schone will speak on Best Practices. Josh has over 10 years in the Web and Software development space. Josh specializes in Silverlight. Brandon is a software architect and engineer with over 13 years of development experience. He specializes in WPF. Presentation abstract:

"A talk on practices to consider for better organization of your XAML and your code. Although all projects are different and every software engineer is an individual; there are guidelines and practices which can be adhered to for better organization and future extensibility. The guidelines to be presented come from working on a variety of projects from the very small to the very large. The guidelines are also comprised of concepts we are familiar with in software engineering but bare restating. Performance through efficient XAML will be discussed among other topics. The result of following these concepts will reveal itself in the clean appearance of the code, the XAML, and in the future - the reuse and refactoring."

Morten Nielsen

Second: Morten Nielsen, a MSFT Silverlight MVP will speaking about porting applications accross the MSFT Technology Stack (Silverlight, WP7, WPF, etc.). Morten is a lead Silverlight developer for ESRI.

Morten's Presentation Abstract:

"When WPF was first announced we got a new powerful language to design our UI using XAML and .NET. Later Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 joined in, building on a subset of this technology. This enabled the developer to reuse his existing skills across multiple "screens". Or at least this is what Microsoft tells us... But how does this work in the real world?
We built a pretty extensive API component library that does exactly this type of cross compilation, and we reuse the same source code to build three similar API's, targeting all three screens. Roughly 99% of our source code is the same, but the secrets lie within the remaining 1%. This presentation will go through the lessons we have learned, what to watch out for, tips and tricks to get around the obstacles for true code-reuse and what really is hiding inside that remaining 1%."

So, I hope to see you all there on May 25th at 7pm.

Thank You, Victor