Regent's park and Frieze Sculpture Fair 2019


Price: £1.00

Regent's Park Station

Marylebone Rd · London

How to find us

We will be the group with the cameras outside the station closest to the park. Closer to the time, I will post what I'm wearing.

Location image of event venue


The Frieze Sculpture Fair is back and so are the roses.
We will walk around the park, photographing its various features such as the Triton fountain, Bandstand, Boating Lake as well the main attractions: the Rose Garden and the Frieze Sculpture Fair.
This event will take place after lunch time, so come fed and ready to go.
If people feel like carrying on with photographing greenery, Hyde park is just a stone's throw away.
If heavy rain is forecast, this event will be postponed. Dress for the weather.
As always, there will be a £1 cost to cover Meetup's fees.

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