What we're about

Come join us for a social potluck dinner gathering for LGBTQ BYU alumni in the Bay Area. Please reach out to help invite others you know in the area, too.

A chance to re-connect and make new friends now that we have moved on and are in a better place. Also a chance to share ideas on how we can give back in ways that push forward gay pride.

Kids are welcome too, just please let us know in advance so we can set things up. The hosts, have kids 11 and 15 who can help with kids, too.

The vast majority of the meetup will be an informal get together to socialize and get to know one another better. There will also be info about both Rise and Shout BYU Gay Alumni that recently held a great event in Provo and is helping to organize smaller regional gatherings and also about the upcoming launch of the BYU LGBTQ Alumni Foundation (The OUT Foundation) planned for Summer 2018.

Note: We are NOT apologists for or supporters of Brigham Young University. Instead, we are a community of LGBTQ+ individuals who seek to support one another in post-BYU life, whatever that may look like for you. This event is intended to be welcoming of ALL graduates and former students of BYU (including those who may not have graduated but attended the university for a time). If you absolutely loved BYU and didn't come out until later in life, we would love to hear about your experience. if you absolutely hated BYU and think it should be shut down, we would love to hear about your experience. If you are indifferent about BYU, we would still love to hear about your experience.

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