What we're about

This group is organized to create opportunities for Womxn that identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the Delaware Valley's (Philly, New Jersey and Delaware) LGBTQ community, to get together.

We’re taking up virtual space right now, but we'll be all around the city of Philadelphia once the Coronavirus has been treated and safely contained.

When outside opens up again....Come hang out and have some fun with us. Meet up with old friends, makes some new ones. You'll find us eating, drinking, dancing and laughing our way through this thing we call life. Enrich our beautiful community with your presence.

If you are 30+ and looking for more opportunities to connect, network, support and grow within our community, please join us! Please take a few moments to read through our "Intent to Create Safe Spaces" Agreement below.

Looking forward to seeing and meeting you all!

Peace and Love,


*The use of "Womxn" is to intentionally include individuals who identify as gender fluid, gender queer, non-binary and trans.

Our "Intent to Create Safe Spaces" Agreement:

This group is open to all BIPOC self-identifying lesbian, gay, bi, queer, non-binary and gender fluid people who want to be in womxn’s spaces. It is a space that is created for all LGBTQ Womxn of Color.

As a member of this Meetup, I agree to the following:

• I will use correct pronouns, even if the words are unfamiliar to me. If I mistakenly refer to someone using the wrong pronoun, I will apologize and move on.

• I will not make assumptions about someone's identity. I am aware that my experiences as a LGBTQ person are not the same as everyone else's.

• I will not engage in oppressive behavior. The -isms and -phobias are not welcome here.

• I will not engage in Sexual Harassment.

• I will give content warnings when necessary. I will give a heads up before I discuss something that others may find upsetting. I will ask "Is it okay if I talk about ---?".

• I will create a safe space to speak. I will not talk over people, nor will I force anyone to speak. I will respect all styles of communicating.

• I will keep identities private and what is shared confidential. I understand that not everyone is "out" outside of this space and it is not okay for me to share photos or contact information, of any individual in this group, publicly without their explicit consent.

• I will respect the Meetup Host(s). I understand that Meetup hosts are volunteers that are willing to give up their spare time and energy to make these wonderful meetups happen. In many cases, they are not trained support workers of any kind. I will be mindful of this and limit the amount of requests I make of them, as well as how much support and/or attention I require from them during meetups.


If you feel unsafe at any point, or witness any problematic behavior, please send an email to meetup@noirephl.com.

Repeated disregard for these Agreements will result in removal from this group.

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