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Body Positive Studio is a private club that exists to promote clothing free activities in the Boston area. These activities might be social, educational, spiritual, cultural, artistic or just simply friends hanging out together naturally.

At Body Positive Studio there is an emphasis on photography of the human figure. We are also open to exhibiting paintings, prints, drawings and other art forms featuring the human figure.

To participate in BPS open a folder in our "photos" drop down menu on our front page. Look for it on the top left area of the page. Next load photos up to your folder. These can be pictures of you, pictures of someone else with their permission or they could just be pictures that you like a lot. In this way we can express ourselves as a group through the images that we post on a regular basis. These images are private to our members.

We would like BPS to be a friendly place to visit. If you post images that are excessively aggressive or violent they will be removed. In cases where this is a regular problem a folder might be deleted without notice. That said I think we can probably just try to live within the meetup rules. I will try to arrange things in such a way as to respect member's interests in the formation of folders and pages on the site. Im just a volunteer here. If you can think of any other fair way of doing things please do not hold back. Let us know. Start a discussion on our home page.

There are at least three ways that you can participate in BPS.

Visit our site.

First you can visit the site and participate in our "discussions" page. These pages are in some ways the heart of our community. With 1500+ members we can't depend on attendance at meetups. People post discussions about all kinds of things. Members post discussions like " Photoshoot at my studio on Monday the 30th. Reply if you want to volunteer" "Going to Naked Yoga in RI, can take two riders with me" , "Naked Drawing group" "Naked art opening on Dec.15th", "Naked Yoga in Cambridge tonight" , "Seeking a naked massage tonight", "anyone know of a hot sauna in Boston Area?". You name it. With 1500 plus members in the Boston and Providence areas you can ask anything you want and get an answer at least.

Our members pages are pretty active. Members read what is posted and often respond. Jump in, don't hold back.

Propose an event or activity

Do you have space to use for an activity? Do you know of a space that can be rented cheap? Do you want to sponsor an activity at your home or apartment? Nude pool party, underwear parties, Naked seance ? Who knows? Naked movie night? Naked medical examination night? You know people start discussions that I never could have imagined.

Post Photos

Post pictures of yourself. Post pictures of other people with their permission. Post nude pictures done by photographers or artists you really like. Make your own folder. Add new pictures any time.

Participate by contacting other members and sharing your ideas with them. Do you like a particular photo?

Contact the photographer or the member who posted the picture. Tell them that you like it and maybe share one of your own. Make a friend.

RSVP for an event sometime soon. Come back to our homepage to get the latest info, participate in a discussion, see the latest new pictures in our library.



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