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I'm catching up with local(ish, for Napak and I in East London) veg*ns for an Indian meal at the Taste Of India ( (menu (, nearby Saravanaa Bhavan ( (menu (, or somewhere walkable in East Ham (,+206+High+St+N,+London+E6+2JA&daddr=Ananda+Bhavan,+240+High+St+N,+London+E12+6SB+to:Saravana+Bhavan,+300+High+St+N,+London+E12+6SA+to:Taste+Of+India+Pure+Vegetarian,+293-295+High+St+N,+London+E12+6SL+to:Hyderabadi+Spice,+309+High+St+N,+London+E12+6SL+to:Seashell+Hut,+315+High+St+N,+London+E12+6SL+to:Chennai+Dosa,+177+High+St+N,+London+E6+1JB&dirflg=w).

For flexibility, I won't book (unless really necessary), though I'll check on vegan options. We can meet up at East Ham station ( at 7:30, but feel free to join us later (call me to find out where we've ended up!), so do RSVP without commitment if you're interested.

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Other suggestions - Chennai Dosa ( (menu (, Ananda Bhavan ( if still there, Vasanta Bhavan ( (menu (, Seashell Hut (, but probably not Hyderabadi Spice ( (menu ( - any recommendations welcome...