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Evolutionary Architecture and Emergent Design

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Paul is an agile coach with Boost Agile (, with over 20 years experience in programming and software development, using Agile methods for the last seven.

Paul’s expertise is using Agile to drive product development. He coaches development teams on how to combine Scrum with software engineering practices such as behaviour and test-driven development, pair programming and continuous integration.

Paul is a Certified Scrum Master and Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant.

He can be seen presenting alongside his colleagues on The Board (, a bi-monthly online show sharing insights into the world of Agile


The risks associated with Big Design Up Front (BDUF) aren't in the "Up Front" part, they are in the "Big" part.

Doing too much design without actually validating it inevitably leads to over design to compensate for the unknowns. Every new technology project has unknowns, otherwise we would be stifling innovation and building the same thing that we built last year.

Over design often results in a violation of the YAGNI principle, building in things that You Ain't Gonna Need. It also goes against the KISS principle, resulting in feature bloat and overly complex architectures.

As a result, delivering new technology projects on budget and to schedule using BDUF is mythical, we've heard of projects where it's happened but hardly any of us have ever been on one. The reality is the smaller the project, the more likely its success.

Emergent Design (sometimes known as Simple Design) looks to eliminate some of that risk by re-examining how we design, build and test our software.

Join me in a practical session where we'll look at how to do less design up front and more design just in time.