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Hello guys,

As a running coach and elite runner, I start a group running sessions two times a week (EVERY TUESDAY (for advanced runners) AND THURSDAY ( for beginners) for the general public at 18h.

Another activity what I have been doing at a high level was a cross country mountain biking so EVERY WEDNESDAY at 18h is for those who would like to know more about the pedaling technique and wanna have some fun as well. Depends on the skills of participants, I am gonna make just a trips for beginners or speed, strength and endurance trainings for more advanced bikers.

Meetings take place on Rudolf Nilsen's plass. All Training sessions are for free and everyone is welcome.

Running mileage is specified on the spot due to a different ability, running skills and interest of runners. The focus will be on building fitness and aerobic development, strength training and also Intensity-based workout sessions.

You are also welcome to join my Facebook group: GROUP TRAINING OSLO - you will find more tips for running as well as nutrition

Before every upcoming training session, I am going to send participants a general running program for a particular training day.

What I am aiming for, is to create a community of people who love running and help them make running and cycling as a part of their daily life and reach goals they have set while becoming physically, mentally & emotionally stronger.

I would also love to discuss with you what are your passions in your life because, for me, running is not just a sport, it is also a lifestyle and inherent part of my life. I've been using running in all sports. Running changed my life forever so let's change yours.

Apart from these sessions for free, I offer services as a running coach so whoever would like to work on their running skills more or whatever it might be, I would be delighted to help and achieve his/her goals.

Cheers and see you with good running mood

Karel Petros - running coach

www.kastn.com (http://www.kastn.com/)


tel: +47 465 96 741

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Running session for beginners

Rudolf Nilsens Plass

Running session for beginners

Rudolf Nilsens Plass

Running session for advanced runners

Rudolf Nilsens Plass

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