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PLEASE CALL B/W 8 am and 6 pm daily, TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. Deposit amount is $20.00 or you can pay in full if you'd like. Balance is due within 2 weeks of trip date.

THEY ONLY HAVE 11 INFLATABLE KAYAKS, SO ACT NOW, if you want one of them to be yours.


RAFT: Cost is $59.02

INFLATABLE KAYAK: Cost is $67.63

Additional fee for lunch, $8.00 or bring your own in a WATERPROOF BAG. This Group will be hanging with Simply Singles, too. THIS IS THE ONLY TRIP, OFFERING THE INFLATABLE KAYAKS!


When you call to reserve, please include:

DATE: Sunday, July 28th

CHECK IN TIME: 12 noon




LUNCH: Order It ($8.00) or bring yr own--we'll stop & eat half way.

LARGE STREAM MACHINE WATER GUN: ($6.00 to reserve) or bring your own. This one shoots aprox. 20 feet! Bring your water-friendly cameras, too, and capture some great shots!

PLEASE RSVP HERE, ONLY AFTER YOU CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT[masked]-7238. This is a Multi-Meetup Group Effort--other Meetup Groups will also be attending! Come out and join us for a Fun day on the river!

Please text me promptly, after paying your deposit. I need to know the following, to help coordinate the trip: (My # is[masked]-1386. Save it in your phone so you will have it!)

Tell me your full name/phone #/Where you'll be leaving from (Nassau or Suffolk,) & which you reserved RAFT or KAYAK?

We Still need one person who lives in Suffolk to volunteer to drive/carpool with others in that area. Who in Suffolk is willing to drive? Which Panera will be your meeting place or at what other location?

If no carpoolers in Suffolk, those people can drive to Panera in East Meadow, and leave with us, but please let me know what your plans are.

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle, Sunblock, hat, towel, lunch, a snack?, Water Gun?, Change of clothing (to be left in the car,) & a water camera to capture the fun and excitement of the day. They have changing rooms/showers there, for when we return.

You will be on your own, in the INFLATABLE KAYAK. If you chose RAFT, it will be shared with 4 or 5 other people.

TIME ON THE RIVER: Approximately 4 hours (ten miles.)

This trip includes Hot Dogs & Soda afterwards, before heading back.

We'll be traveling approx 10 Miles in their Touch of Class 2 Package/Intro to White water. (Some white water but not rough, along with other water being released on that day!)

LUNCH CHOICES IF BUYING: 8" Sub, Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, Veggies or Roast Beef with a Granola Bar and Water included or bring your own LUNCH, and pack in a waterproof container if using kayak or you can place in a dry bucket on the raft.)

If Carpooling, please be willing to chip in for gas. It should be between $10.00 & $15.00 per person depending upon how many will be going. It's about a 3 hour drive from Nassau County each way.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to BRING and APPLY SUNBLOCK! It can get Very hot out there on the water and the sun can be strong. T-shirts/hats/souvenirs are also available for purchase, in their gift shop.

TO CARPOOL: We'll Meet in front of PANERA BREAD in EAST MEADOW for NASSAU Residents. We still need a volunteer driver for Suffolk. Who would like to drive/carpool?

MEETING SPOT IN PA: AT CHECK-IN TABLE. CALL PAM UPON ARRIVAL,[masked]-1386. Please be sure to save my # in your phone and keep it charged!

TIME FRAMES BELOW ARE APROXIMATE: Leaving at 8:15 sharp, arriving in PA around 11:30. Check in at 12 noon, Beginning our trip in the water at 1 pm, out of water around 5 pm, leaving to head home b/w 5:30 & 6:00, should arrive back at our cars around 9:30 or 10 pm.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! You are welcome to bring a friend or family member if you'd like. This will be a FUN DAY for ALL! I Can't Wait!

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