Stefanie Kammerman will be our Main Presenter

“How do I find the Hot Stock, otherwise known as the Whisper”

· How do you use volume as your number one indicator

· How to find my “T” spot otherwise known as the trend change

· How to combat the psychological aspects of trading

· My six rules of swing trading

· How to spot a correction before it happens

Stefanie Kammerman's Bio

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Stefanie Kammerman, aka The Stock Whisperer has trained over a thousand students over the past 20 years worldwide. Her unique approach of old fashioned trading in a high tech world teaches her students how to day trade and swing trade by learning how to read the tape, otherwise known as mastering the time and sales window. She also teaches her students how to spot refreshing on the ECN book, in order to enter only the highest probability trades. Stefanie also uses her psychology background in an effort to teach her students how to take their ego out of the trade by separating themselves from the trade, and controlling trades by mapping them out first. She runs an online educational trading room called “The Java Pit” at ( where she shares her screen all day long with you pointing out what and most importantly where the smart money is trading. She is the author of “Counting the Cards of Wall Street”, an online workshop on how to read the tape and spot a correction before it happens. Stefanie has recently presented at the New York traders Expo, the Vancouver Trader’s Expo, the Toronto Money Show and presented alongside Larry Berman during his 2014 Speaking Tour across Canada.