Our First Speaker is Michael Katsidras

For twenty plus years Mr. Katsidras has been a top tier trader and technical/quantitative analyst. He is a former member of the New York Mercantile Exchange, New York Futures Exchange, New York Cotton/FINEX Exchange, and Senior Technical Strategist at a world known advisory firm. He specialized in, but was not limited to, intra-market and inter-market spread trading, option strategies across a multitude of market conditions, outright long and short directional plays, and market timing for short, mid, and long term opportunities.

Mr. Katsidras is considered an expert by his peers in many of the basics of technical analysis, but is well known within an elite community for his expertise in the methods of several "Master Market Timers", the principals and implementation of Elliott Wave Analysis, cyclical market timing, and the development and implementation of his own proprietary models.

He currently trades for himself, trades for several ultra-high net worth individuals, lectures, and from time to time thoroughly enjoys conducting one-on–one or small group seminars. His main focus is on individual equities, equity options, and the major indexes.

Mr. Katsidras will review some of the concepts of his January 10, 2012 lecture and expand upon them. He will discuss the correlation between the May 2011 Top and the May 2012 Top and why one date in the distant past helped trigger a sell signal on the May 1, 2012 high. If time permits, the June 6th low in the Dow 30 and perhaps the Apple high of[masked] on April 10, 2012 will be analyzed. Again, you will have to think outside the box!

Our second Speaker is Herbert J. Brun

Herb graduated from MIT in 1954 as an electrical engineer. Started working at MIT meteorology dept. as a programmer to see if daily pressure patterns could be predicted from past data. (The basis of current weather predictions). In the fall of 1954, Herb fathered an idea that turned into ASCII.

After 2 years in the Army Signal Corps as an ROTC LT, he joined Sylvania Electronics as one of the principle computer logic designers of the first transistorized computers. While there, Herb came up with 2 patents in computer design that are still in use in every computer to this day.

Herb was the development program manager of the weapon system of the AEGIS class ships in use today. He went on to be the program manager for the Italian and Australian versions of the TARTAR missile ship weapon system.

Since retiring, Herb has spent his time managing his portfolio by writing software on the Tradestation platform. He also writes such software upon request for those that have come up with a novel approach to trading. For the last 3 years, Herb has given presentations on indicators and other pattern recognitions to the IBD group in the Boston area. (He trades between 5,600 to 30,000 shares per month.)