What we're about

If you want to maximise your human potential and take your results to the next level this is the best place to be.

This Meetup group is designed with your success in mind, to bring you the most effective events, workshops and networking opportunities for personal & business growth.


The vision that drives this meetup is to empower individuals to live more productive, fulfilling and purpose driven lives.


The mission of this group is to provide practical transformational tools around for individuals to master themselves, maximise their potential and turn their visions/dreams/goals into reality.

We cannot create social change without the change and transformation of individuals.

How do we do it?

Through events, workshops, meditations, networking and mastermind sessions.

You should join us if you want to:

• Increase your confidence and self awareness

• Get access to practical and effective tools to achieve your goals, dreams & visions

• Take your self mastery to the next level

• Take your business or career to the next level

• Meet like minded ambitious souls

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About the founder of this Meetup: LENA KAY

Lena Kay is a Transformation Coach | Speaker | Trainer | Poet

You can learn more about Lena by checking out her Tedx talk. Click on the image below or CLICK HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L51h8BBu7b8&t=401s).

Here's what previous meetup attendees had to say about their experience:

"Inspires me to be the best that I can! She is passionate and invested in all of her client’s successes. Professional and exceptional." Pam, Positive Disruptor in Construction


"She makes you realize where your priorities need to be. It’s rare to find someone so realistic and knowledgeable. She is an incredible mentor and teacher." Haleema, Mental Health Spokesperson & Life Coach


"Smart, intelligent, and genuine. She gets you to open your mind and goes beyond all the cliche." Bumni, Youtuber, Actor, Comedian & Spoken Word Artist


"This is not a seminar where you will be spoken at. This is a workshop mastermind where you will learn, expand and grow through practical exercises." Mohammed, Mindset Coach


"Extremely positive energy. You will walk away with lots of new life skills." Geri, Curtain Maker & Business Owner


"Well structured and practical. Lena has developed and implemented a system that anyone can use in a versatile range of circumstances." Joanna, Proprietor at Harmony Healing


"You need to plug into Lena Kay’s work. It is absolutely terrific and there is nothing like it. I’d strongly recommend it, everyone needs this." Dean, Youth Educator & Entrepreneur


"Sweet, positive, entirely good company with an impressive level of self mastery. Everyone needs self belief, motivation, and hope." Fayez, Actor and Spoken Word Artist


"She can energize and charge your mind. Will take you to the next level." Robert, Entrepreneur & Stock Trader


"Tough love when needed, but she’s going to open your eyes. She will awaken your world." Su-Mei, Accountant & Jewellery Maker

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