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Located in Seaport Square, Boston.

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Clinic: Choosing a Stove/Cookset/Fuel (FREE)

L.L.Bean Seaport Square

Want to begin overnight camping or backpacking but are daunted (or sometimes a bit scared) of camp stoves and their different fuels? In this free, in-store clinic, we'll take the mystery and fear away as we go over the different kinds of stoves, fuel and cooksets.

Clinic: Basic Map & Compass Navigation (FREE)

L.L.Bean Seaport Square

Even in this high tech GPS era, nothing can replace the value of a compass and paper map. L.L.Bean’s founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, once said, “If you get lost, just go straight back to camp.” If only it were that easy. How do you use a compass? We'll show you! Register at https://www.llbean.com/seaport

Clinic: Essential Knots for the Outdoors (FREE)

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Learn 7 of the best knots that you can use outdoors, in this hands-on workshop where our instructors will demonstrate the technique, why you should know it, and how to do it. Then you'll perform the knots yourself. Register at https://www.llbean.com/seaport

Tent Tales for Tykes (FREE)

L.L.Bean Seaport Square

Take your little ones, age 3-6, to our in-store Adventure Dome tent, where we will read a nature-themed book, followed by a related craft. It's a fun, interactive way to get your kids used to camping and the outdoors. Please register your spot at https://www.llbean.com/seaport

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Clinic: Adventure Travel Essentials

L.L.Bean Seaport Square

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