What we're about

This Group is a spinoff of the LOA Players Group run by Eric Hop.

It is very similar in nature and I highly recommend you look into his group as well.

The subject, as always, will be the Law of Attraction, mostly as presented by Abraham Hicks.
Side jumps to related topics are also possible.

My view on the LOA is similar to Eric's view on LOA. It's based on simplicity and practicality. That means there will be very little of the usual 'spiritual' stories involved. But instead we will present a very hands-on practical approach to LOA that can help you realize your dreams. We will also help you examine what may be holding you back from realizing those dreams.

Here is an example of the kind of processes we can help you with:

These meetings are supposed to be fun and positive. A regular positive push to your mental state, so you're good to go for another week. And as Abraham says: no subject is off limits. Anything can be discussed and will be handled in a respectful way.

Hope to see you soon!

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LOA Surrey Meetup

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