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Valentine's Day Book Sharing and Reuse Salon

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50 Yongjia Road Xuhui District · Shanghai

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LOHAUS is at Yongjia Road #50, near Shaanxi Road South, close to Jiashan Market

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Everyone enjoys a good romance, either the literal or the literary variety, so we are hosting our latest book reuse event on Valentine's Day, Saturday February 14, from 1 - 5 in the afternoon.

The theme is "Romance, relationships and love" -- bring three books in this theme to donate to the LOHAUS book collection and get free coffee from our partner Cambio Coffee, as well as free afternoon snacks from the Book Room.

It's one part salon to meet and discuss with others, one part reading of books in the collection, and one part enjoyment of delicious food and beverages. Please join us!

How does it work?

Each event has a "theme" which is aimed at helping people decide which books to bring.

Our theme for February is "Romance, Relationships and Love" -- this could mean romance fiction, relationship advice or love of something or somebody, use your imagination! You are also welcome to bring something else as described below in the frequently asked questions.

You can write a recommendation card for each book that tells the next reader why you thought each book was special.

The event takes place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at LOHAUS at Yongjia Road #50. You are welcome to stop by for as much or as little as you would like, read a little and meet others.

In addition, anyone can take home new (to you) books that others have donated for as little as 10 RMB. That's book reuse, and it is a more sustainable way to get rid of those books that are on your bookshelf collecting dust. Share the love and let somebody else find inspiration within your favorite books.

If you don't have three books, or just want to attend without donating, you can pay 50 RMB as an entry and enjoy meeting others over afternoon coffee, tea, and snacks:

Rasberry pudding

Geurende crème puffs

Fresh French-press coffee

About Our Partners

Coffee partner:

Cambio Coffee provides direct trade coffee beans and catering services. They offer a great selection of beans from Latin America and China, as well as coffee tastings, event catering and they have just opened their own coffee shop at 861 Jiangning Road.

More information:

WeChat ID: cambiokid (CambioCoffee)


Food partner:

The Book Room is a restaurant cafe in the center of downtown Shanghai, just outside People's Square across from the Shanghai Media Group buildings and Four Seasons hotel on Weihai Road. The Book Room offers delicious food and beverages seven days a week and has a large meeting room on the 2nd floor available for rent.

More information:

393/399 Weihai Road, near Shimen No. 1 Road

WeChat ID: TheBookRoomCafe


Event partner:

Green Initiatives is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness, facilitates actions, and implements projects towards sustainable models of growth and consumption. They organize monthly events including seminars, film screenings and activities that promote sustainable thinking.

More information:

WeChat ID: greeninitiatives (绿色倡议)


Please RSVP today!

Here are some photos from our previous event so you can see what it is like:

And click here for more photos! (

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring books outside the theme? Is this for fiction only? What about books in other languages?

Yes, please do bring any books you feel passionate about (and are willing to share with others), but if you have books that fit the theme of that week those are best.

All fiction books are welcome, in any language, however the majority of books at the moment are in English and a smaller collection in Mandarin, with only a few in other languages. We've just started, after all! Help us to build the collection.

For non-fiction, say a GMAT preparation guide, a cookbook, or a technical manual, it's a tough call. GMAT prep and cookbooks might be useful to somebody, but that Windows Vista for Dummies you picked up at a street-side bookseller in 2005... maybe not too useful... and old school textbooks from your physics courses that you couldn't bear to part with at graduation probably should go to your local recycler who buys by the kilogram. Lonely Planet travel guides, if out of date, are probably more trouble than they are worth. However, things like biographies, books on theory, and classics such as Art of War or Wealth of Nations or Das Capital (?) are always welcome.

We want to encourage people to share those books that had an impact on their lives. Books with a great story. Inspiring lessons. Important knowledge and ideas. Ask yourself if you would recommend this book to your friend. If the answer is yes, then please bring it. We realize this might mean parting with a treasured possession, but really what good is it doing sitting on the shelf? Let somebody else benefit from it the way you did and share with them your message in a card we'll provide you to go into the book.

Is this getting too complicated? Just use your best judgement.

How many books can I donate each time? Can I give you all of my old books? I am leaving Shanghai / I am switching to e-reading!

Due to space we're not really equipped to take large quantities of books, as much as we would like to, but we'll try to help. Each donation is limited to ten books per time. If you have larger quantities, let us know in advance by email or meetup messaging and we'll see if there is some way to handle it.

What was the inspiration for this event?

On a recent trip to Amsterdam for the first time, I was reminded of how hard it is to meet new people and find friends in an unfamiliar city. Culture shock, homesickness, loneliness, all were feelings that I had forgotten until I found myself in a different place where I didn't speak the local language.

Having lived in Shanghai for more than 11 years, it had been a long time since I had thought about what it must be like to be a new arrival in the city. Inspired by a friend I met in Amsterdam, Arnaud Collery, who is the founder of NYC and the former French Tuesdays Tokyo founder, I decided to create a series of events that would bring new and established residents of the city together. A second friend, this one in Shanghai, who we all call Xiao, had the idea of recycling old books. So, combing these two ideas, I decided to begin hosting a bi-weekly series of book recycling events as a way to contribute to sustainability, as well as a way to meet others via the coffee social salon.

Who is this event for? Only for Western books? What about Chinese? What if I am not new to Shanghai but I like reading?!

All are welcome at this event, and books in any language are welcome as well. New to Shanghai can refer to people who move from other parts of China as well as from abroad. You might be Chinese, you might be non-Chinese, we at LOHAUS hope that all will attend and share their love of reading.

Speaking of sharing, even those who are not new to Shanghai are welcome. You can play a crucial role in helping new visitors to the city to learn and make new connections.

How does it work? Do I have to bring books? Do I have to buy books?

There are three parts to the event.

First, the social part, just come and talk to others, especially if you like reading. You don't even have to bring the three recommended books, just pay a 50 RMB charge to attend as a general participant, meet others, share your thinking about Shanghai or China or books, and enjoy some coffee, tea and snacks.

Second, if you want to avoid the 50 RMB charge, just bring in three interesting, good condition books as described above, as a donation. Ideally you have read them and are willing to write a recommendation card to tell future readers why you think they should read it too.

Finally, if you want to read something new, browse the collection and take home any books you like for the price of 10 to 30 RMB each. This money will be used to continue the series, and any money left over will go towards other social impact activities supported by LOHAUS.

Why a book reuse event?

LOHAUS believes in sustainable urban living, which involves both reduce-reuse-recycle thinking and the sharing economy. Many of us have old books that do nothing more than sit on a shelf. Why not let others read them, and get new books to read at the same time? Recycle those old books. At the same time, by being social, sharing your favorite books and getting recommendations from others, your mind is opened to a world of new possibilities.

How do I get to or contact LOHAUS?

LOHAUS is located at Yongjia Road #50 in the heart of one of downtown Shanghai’s oldest and best-preserved communities. You can find us near the intersection of South Shaanxi Road and Yongjia Road.

Public Transportation: The nearest subway station is South Shaanxi Road Station on Line 1 and Line 10. Jiashan Road Station on Line 9 is also close. Bus lines are nearby such as line 96, 104, 911, 167, 42, 920, 926, 128, 146, 24 and others.

Tel: 021 –[masked]

email: [masked]

Here's a map that might help:

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