Past Meetup

Volunteering for Baby Buggy


*This is a volunteer meetup. We need a minimum number of participants to get this going. Please do not sign up unless you can really commit and do not bail the last minute unless you have a real emergency.*

*Please Note: I have a strict policy for no showing in volunteering events. Cancelling within 24 hours from start of event will be counted as no show. Any member who doesn't bother to inform me about no show will be switched out to wait list for any future event that has approached full capacity, and can only get in if the event is not filled after RSVP,s closed.*

We will be volunteering for Baby Buggy ( on the scheduled day from 6pm to 8pm. Baby Buggy ( helps families in need by providing essential clothing, gear and services.

Baby Buggy ( appreciates your help on different projects including:

• Patching clothing samples

• Cleaning gear

• Sorting clothing by age & gender

• Bundling books/games according to age

• Filling donation requests.