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Let's get Pro-Active where you can Park for Free
Let's just make our lives better and draw the human figure at its purest with help guaranteed to beginners, relaxing atmosphere/sounds and great ideas we can discuss. All attendees will need to pick their own chair and a preferred spot as well as putting their chairs back when leaving so I can quickly pack and join you at the Local where we can all start smiling at what our creative weekends will be. I hope, this class will be our well-kept secret for its content so please expect the unusual. By RSVPing, you agree to keep our address and content private so please only give it to those who can do the same as a few people are contacting competitor's venue, slandering them for the last 10 years with a criminal case against them [masked]/18). The only thing we will talk or smile about, enjoy and do, will be Art, as always so let's try to make this class Epic again, the way it's been previously. Because i've never been in it for the £ss I kept the cost as low as possible to £8pp or £30 for sets of 5 classes that you can share with friends and colleagues. I'll bring Thermos Flask for good old tea & coffee sold at £1 ea., Materials are still Free of charge except for A2, A1 white or colored paper at 20/40p ea. We are also happy to run a tailored class/Social event at yours at corporate affordable cost (incl. Christmas Oh Oh Oh!). Every week we'll have alternatively male and female models until we can afford more than one life model at a time, but will also draw volunteers in clothes or without at most classes so ideal for those who just love their portraits or fashion/animation drawings. Performing models will also receive more when numbers have grown. I really want to exhibit and sell our drawings down the road at our Life Arts Gallery as well as online globally so we can share/give back to our world that way. Thank you for joining and helping our cause/crusade that worked out so well in London (and Paris). May the creative Fun continue... :) Tony[masked]

The Drama Studio

Dunloe Street, E2 8NG (corner with Scawfell Street) By the Car Park (Free). · London

What we're about

This is the Meetup group for you if you'd like to be invited to different styles/themes Drawing/Painting/Life Drawing classes in London or abroad with the very and only aim to be able to exhibit your work at a Physical and/or an Online Art Gallery, very soon or as soon as you are ready. This group is for you to learn as quickly, as much as possible, to be helped to find the right direction with discussions from day 1. You'll still have a great time with Social Networking/making new creative friends depending on how much time you can spare. Let's not forget that Drawing and painting are for anyone and everyone so social barriers do not exist here. I'll make sure to help, within my limits, those on benefits or unemployed. No need to be a full-time Artist to be a successful Artist (same applies to music as you know). The majority of us have a part-time or full-time job so they can have the time and means to do what they love and still be able to live with people they love.
Every month we have an exhibition private view located where the main Art galleries are in London, at no extra cost for those who support our cause by helping us with our admin costs of £2/week pp. Any events and classes do need to be paid in advance so I can then pay whoever is organizing/teaching the class except if i run a class.
Every month I organize my own classes on the first Monday/Tuesday before our First Thursday of the month Exhibition and the week after to Startup something new. I can help with very low-cost Studio spaces to be able to Paint throughout the month and only for one month if needed, without the need to pay a monthly rent or deposit.
Models who Draw/paint or Artist who model are more than welcome in helping this project with some volunteering and obviously don't need to pay the admin fee/membership.
Art teachers and Art organization will also get help with their models who won't be charged to work (unfortunately it is happening for too long in London) and will be happy to host us when their theme is what we would want to draw/paint at the time.
As you know, everything starts with Drawing in graphic Arts so that is what we'll also start with but making sure that we have what we need in term of pose duration, reference photography, help to find good courses and tutorials, tips, tricks, Lighting, announcements of models to draw/paint weekly and future availability for the final touches...
All of us will have their work and story/CV showing here on Meetup pages or/and other platforms we'll tell you about once we know you and your Art/Style.
We do not limit ourselves with drawing/Painting the Human figure but use it to keep ourselves fresh and the energy flowing. Some of us will draw/paint the human form in a figurative style, to begin with but to transform their style to abstract or to incorporate people in their Artwork.
When numbers grow we will also hire a large hall once a month and do absolute marvels together with Free food and drinks...
I myself have gone as far as a human being could possibly go to save and bring back Life Drawing classes in the UK and France, Directly and wildly originally, and soon after, more and more indirectly planting seeds whenever possible via our "London Life Drawing Network". This website is now going a bit outdated so things are happening on that side with true help available for everyone in this brand new, open to all, buzzing, creative Industry.

If you are an Artist with a good size Pad/Studio, please let me know...

Tony (As seen on Tele Artist, Art teacher, Photographer, Fun events organizer, Local Mr Fix it)

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