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Certified Oracle Card Reader Course
Register before October 18 Ready to learn to tap into your natural abilities by providing and receiving insights and guidance? Have you always wanted to connect to the wisdom of the universe and gain more clarity and confidence to make empowered decisions? Or are you interested in starting a sideline business helping others by providing Oracle Card readings to clients? If the answer is yes.... Here's what you will learn in this Certification Course - Gain instant clarity and guidance -How to receive and communicate important messages from the Oracle cards about, Love and Romance, Career, Health, Life Purpose and Possible Future Outcomes. -Get a total confidence boost because of positive outcomes of reading for yourself and others? -Align with the loving and harmonious energies of the universe. -Power-up and sharpen your intuition -What to do with the information to help you move into a positive space and how to build on that success. -Make amazing shifts in your life to rock your world -After you complete this certification course you will have confidence to use Oracle cards to make empowered decisions that shape your destiny. -Once you tap into the Universal wisdom anything is possible and the Oracle cards are the key to opening to that infinite wisdom. Self Investment fee of $157 Register before October 19

Love & Light Spiritual Emporium

1419 East Commercial Boulevard · Oakland Park

What we're about

* Welcome! We are happy you are here. We have a variety of great events to inspire us, to co-create & play in S. Florida & beyond. We help each other to create more PEACE, LOVE & JOY + Health & Wealth in our lives through Awareness :-)

☆ Harmony ☆ Community ☆ Unity in Diversity ☆

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* We LOVE helping you to achieve your direct, powerful connection to your Spiritual Source & a creative path of your personal Evolution.

* We offer fun social events, lectures, discussions, Reiki Circles + healing & self-empowerment classes resulting in new insights, Higher Consciousness, Expanded Awareness, Personal Freedom, increased Self-Esteem and Self-Actualization, increased Energy, Abundance, & your renewed sense of Well-Being.

* If you like teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra & Abraham-Hicks ~ you will love our Meetup. We have FUN creating our World. * We come together in open gatherings with Peace, Joy & Harmony *

* Here you can meet people who are interested in Awareness, Consciousness, Spirituality, Health, Healing, Being Happy, Healthy Environment, Volunteering & more. Learn & share practical & proven solutions for personal & worldwide changes. We intend to come together as a group ready & prepared to live our dreams & make a difference :-D

* When you find or organize great events about Awareness, Consciousness, Spirituality, Health, Volunteering, Happiness, Inner Peace, World Peace, Unity, Ecology, Saving the Environment, Social Justice, Tolerance & bringing us together ~ please send us a message so we could approve your events.

* Pls also read our "About" page for more information.… check often for updates…. & invite ALL your Progressive & Spiritual FRIENDS! =D

* Join us, be a proactive Global Citizen because... we are the World.

To watch a 4 min. VIDEO please click our "About" page.

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