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How can we best describe Contra here? Fun dances, accomplished & original callers, skillful, playful band, yummy break-time food, real nice sprung-wood dance floor, inexpensive & memorable evening of dance and after-dance gatherings of dancers and band members. we can't forget that dancing in the company of real nice friends and acquaintances always makes for a real pleasurable evening. These are just a few of the many reasons why we look forward to those Contra dance evenings that we typically have twice monthly. If you are new to Las Vegas Country Dancing, we'd like to welcome you to one of our Contra dance evenings. No reservations or special clothing are required; we have plenty of experienced dancers who will gladly invite you to dance with them even if you don't know what "allemande", "courtesy turn", or "Do-Si-Do like a pumpkin"-which was one of those "new" steps tried this October by one of our fairly new, accomplished and most original caller! We offer a beginner's dance lesson from 6:30-7:00pm, walking you through frequently-appearing Contra dance figures. Then the real fun begins, with dancing 'til 10pm, with a mid-evening break. All dances are called and we do have walk-throughs, to experience the dance before our bands launch (or is it charge off?) with a tune. Some of us think that the music speeds up, if we don't tip the band. We'll leave it to your guess why this sometimes happens. Once more, we give you a ticket to a free future Contra dance. What's not to like about this offer?