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6:30pm Mon Open Paddle

Price: $10.00 /per person
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Summer Paddling! Let's DO this...

Much like Hot Yoga...sounds scary, but really not that bad once you are doing it! Come get on the water and spend an amazingly NOT hot evening on the lake!

Beginners and experienced paddlers are all welcome to join in the fun! This is a mixed practice for all levels. Beginners will get a quick course in form and technique and then we will all build on skills and endurance.

If you were lucky enough to race in the Red Rose Regatta, then you already know how much fun an hour on the lake can be! If you are already on a team and want to get in more practice, this is the place to do it! So come out and enjoy the water as we work up a good cardio sweat with fellow paddlers and new friends. Arrive on time as the session lasts an hour...including loading, paddling and unloading.

RSVP Etiquette:As we need a certain number of paddlers for the boat to launch, it is very important that you RSVP with integrity! When you RSVP, you are reserving a seat, if you do not show, that seat remains empty! If a few of you do not show, there is a chance the boat will not be able to go out due to not enough paddlers. This affects all those who do show! Please, if you RSVP that you are coming, come!

Clothing: I recommend dressing in lightweight clothing that will dry easily. Please wear water shoes or sports shoes...flip flops are a 'fall' waiting to happen.

What to Bring: 10.00 cash or check made out to St. Rose, a hat and sunscreen! Water to take on the boat is Mandatory...DO NOT show up without water in hand.

Directions to Lake Las Vegas Marina: Get yourself to Lake Mead Blvd in Henderson (where the 95 South and the 215 South meet) and head towards Lake Mead. Turn Lft onto Lake Las Vegas Parkway (the road going into LLV) go through the first roundabout, and turn Rt at the Stop sign. Go past the Montelago Casino to the end of the asphalt. Park in the small parking lot on the Lft (you can see the marina from here). If this parking lot is full, continue on the dirt road, it lets out at a big dirt parking lot..Park anywhere and walk to the marina.

Paddles up!


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