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WARNING: This is a meetup that involves your getting a massage.

If you are an LVMT Meetup member and a member of the Public or a Nevada State-licensed Massage Therapist and have a couple of hours to help/mentor a current massage therapy student, consider this:

Students need guidance. Your feedback is sought and needed, by both the programs that educate future licensed massage therapists and the Students of these programs. Part of their education is to perform massage on the Public in school-hosted Clinics that put them in touch with their technical and business skills to increase their confidence and effectiveness. Wouldn't you like to help IMPROVE their performance?
Wouldn't you like to know that there are more qualified and experienced graduates entering the massage therapy profession every year?

ANY Member of the LVMT Meetup group is invited to participate in this LVMT meetup:

for Massage Clients: "Massage Half-Priced" for NVMT Clients: "First Massage Free, Subsequent Massages Half-Priced", verification required on-site at the school. the IDEA:

You RSVP to posted dates where the Nevada School of Massage Therapy is working with the LVMT Meetup group to offer incentives to come in to the weekend Student Clinic. The purpose is for you to leave thoughtful, constructive, and positive feedback after your massage. For your Evaluation of the student that has just given you a massage, you will not be charged for your massage (NVMTs only, first one only) OR you will be charged half-price (2nd+ time for NVMTs, all other LVMT group members). You will have given critical feedback for the student to consider, study, and act on during his/her time in student clinic...and probably for the rest of their career! The Skinny:

RSVP to any “Be A Mentor!” LVMT group meetups during 2012 (5 opportunities ( Print your meetup Ticket and take it to NSMT. Show up at the school during the meetup times – ask for the Clinic manager and show the Clinic Manager your Ticket. Wait in line to be called in for your massage [re: Wait time: getting a massage in student clinic is on a first-come, first-served basis – please plan for wait times ranging from “now” to up to 1 hour, depending on business levels) Receive your massage – TRY to stay alert so you can give good feedback! ;) After your massage, pick up and complete an Evaluation form from the Clinic Manager - tell the student that you need to complete an Evaluation for them and ask if they have a few minutes to review the Evaluation you complete with them. This gives them a chance to clarify and ask questions about points you bring to their attention – positive and constructive! Terms of Use

Times of availability of this offer are ONLY during scheduled LVMT Meetup times listed on the group's website at . Clinic hours are 8am – 5:30pm, Saturdays and Sundays, excluding observed holidays or emergency closings. To receive your “free” or “discounted” massage session at NSMT’s clinic, you must complete an Evaluation Form provided to you by NSMT at the conclusion of your massage/bodywork session. Failure to do so jeopardizes the relationship between LVMT and NSMT, your ability to further participate in or continue to be a member of LVMT Meetups of any kind, or both. The LVMT Meetup group is not responsible for any damages or negative impact participating in any LVMT-organized meetup may cause any participant. The LVMT Meetup group facilitates opportunities, services, and information that participants use at their own risk. The Nevada School of Massage Therapy will have you register as a guest of the student clinic – you will be signing a release form for the school’s clinic participation as well. When you are receiving your massage, you are responsible for communicating with your student massage therapist and controlling your exposure to their manipulation and method used: if you are not comfortable, stop the session and contact a school supervisor. Your RSVPing to “Be A Mentor!” meetups does not guarantee your participation at any stage of the scheduled times you may receive a massage at the rates organized between LVMT group and NSMT. You may be denied entry into the clinic for any reason outside the control of LVMT or NSMT at any time. Conditions

FREE = "$0.00"; Half-Priced = "$16.00" (cash, debit/credit - you pay NSMT directly, on-site) you must RSVP through the LVMT Meetup group to each Evaluation opportunity (so "you must be an LVMT Meetup group member") - you do not need to be a licensed massage therapist to participate, one (1) RSVP per member, If you want to RSVP after the meetup's Start Time, contact an Organizer to "put you on the list" when you arrive and if you are qualifying for the "free massage", you must ask for the Clinic Manager & show your NVMT license as proof that you hold an LMT credential, when you arrive, you must ask for the Clinic Director & show your Ticket (printed from the meetup event page) you will not be able to participate in the meetup (aka "get your massage offer")if you do not RSVP, contact Ariana LaCour via the LVMT Meetup group "Organizers" list on the left side of your screen with any questions. GET A MASSAGE! and tell a friend to Join Us so they can get theirs, too!