What we're about

Live. Your. Journey.

Know your are worth saying yes to you so much that you live the hell out of your journey.

~ Live ~ Actively choose to live your life, live it! Splash in the puddles, awe at the butterfly, dance in the kitchen

~ Your ~ This is your life, 'shake the should' of what others think your life should look like

~ Journey ~ It is a journey, with challenges and rewards. The view at the top is so worth the climb

Much of my soul work has happened in nature or on the hiking trail. In this group, I welcoming you to join me on hikes, retreats, and classes. From Intro to the Shaman Path to a deep dive into Saying Yes to You these will be programs to help you bring YOU back into your life. You are worthy of living, laughter, light, and love.

So who is Rin Nelson?
Rin Nelson is a life mentor that draws from life experience and lessons and skills that she has studied and learned along the way from business coaches to Shaman teachers. She walks next to you as she creates a safe space for you to explore questions of yourself. She gives you real life examples and tools. "Rin has an amazing way through, this program (and all that she does) in posing questions that encourage deep interpersonal thoughts. She creates an atmosphere that allows for those "Aha" moments to not only reveal themselves but also come to a place where you as a participant feel open to share them."

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Moon Circle- New Moon - Last cycle!!

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Women's Full Moon Circle

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Moon Circle- New Moon

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Warrioress Training Day

Aspen Park PnR

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