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UPDATE: We have decided to become a satellite group of the Lab Lit Book Club at the University of Oregon (http://bit.ly/2Dqzzir)! We will discuss the same books on the first Saturday after their Wednesday meetings. We will post the dates for our Saturday meetings whenever their dates are announced. Thank you so much, happy reading and see you soon!

This is a group for lovers of science and literature. Or the other way around.

What is Lab Lit?

Well, it’s easier to say first what is not.

Lab Lit is not Science Fiction, although there is some common ground to both. Sci-Fi has a greater element of fantasy. You will not find Science Fiction character, plots, and events in real life, at least not anytime soon.

Lab Lit is not Popular Science. Popular Science books make science more accessible to the layperson. They discuss scientific concepts, theories, discoveries, etc. with little or no jargon. They are works of non-fiction. There are usually no stories and no characters.

Well, this is my take on what Lab Lit is not. What is it then?
The Lab Lit website puts it like this: “Lab Lit depicts realistic scientists as central characters and portrays fairly realistic scientific practice or concepts, typically taking place in a realistic - as opposed to speculative or future - world.” [reference]

So, let’s get together and talk about our favorite stories!

For our first meeting, let’s share our favorite Lab Lit books. You just need to be ready to talk about your favorite Lab Lit book. At the end of the meeting, we will decide on one Lab Lit book for the group to read before the next meeting. The second meeting will be about that chosen book and voting for another book for the next meeting. The third meeting… well, you see where I’m going. This is a book club for the Lab Lit genre!

See you there!

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Lab Lit Book Club: "Remarkable Creatures" by T. Chevalier

We will discuss "Remarkable Creatures" by H. Thomson. Goodreads review: "In 1810, a sister and brother uncover the fossilized skull of an unknown animal in the cliffs on the south coast of England. With its long snout and prominent teeth, it might be a crocodile – except that it has a huge, bulbous eye. Remarkable Creatures is the story of Mary Anning, who has a talent for finding fossils, and whose discovery of ancient marine reptiles such as that ichthyosaur shakes the scientific community and leads to new ways of thinking about the creation of the world. Working in an arena dominated by middle-class men, however, Mary finds herself out of step with her working-class background. In danger of being an outcast in her community, she takes solace in an unlikely friendship with Elizabeth Philpot, a prickly London spinster with her own passion for fossils. The strong bond between Mary and Elizabeth sees them through struggles with poverty, rivalry and ostracism, as well as the physical dangers of their chosen obsession. It reminds us that friendship can outlast storms and landslides, anger and jealousy." Happy reading!

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