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Hi! I made a meetup to try to cultivate the kind of social interaction that's most fulfilling to me. :)

And then, weirdly, a ton of people joined!! But obviously I was not specific enough, because there was little-to-no engagement. *Some might say that's because I didn't schedule a meetup ;-) ...but tbh I'm not lookin' for a free-wheelin' free-flow free-for-all type of meetup ...or else I'd just be attending some of the wonderful other meetups out there! I'm lookin' for a more narrowly targeted kind of thingamajig: along the lines of "sci-fy-book-loving knitters to do parkour while writing code for making cosplay masks on knitting machines, 3D food printing & craft beer afterwards!").

So, I appreciate all of the support from people who signed on for individualism! Yay for that!

But honestly, I'd be thrilled with just one, two, three or four people to meetup with. Five people, or more would be totally cool too. I tend sometimes to attract highly social people, who are connector-types. I myself am pretty far on the introverted spectrum - however I think that's situational and in a different culture (a super friendly, healthy and non-scapegoat-y one) I'd probably be way more social and comfortable engaging with people.

When I was a teen, my group of social friends said, hey there's this person you'd really like! He's REALLY weird, too, like you! And I said, "COOL!" and met the kid. Who was full on into aliens. I am really weird, but not that kind of weird.


What it isn't (hey, that's part of how we define ourselves, by what we are not!)

• Laws of attraction

• Pagan/Godess/New Age/Witchcraft

• A 9/11 truther group.

• Dry intellect "smarts" without personal accountability for emotional "truth"

• An activist group for specific (or general) causes [except maybe, y'know: education! (not charter schools though make your case if you must), recycling & green(er)-engineering/architecture/sustainability type stuff, tech-fostering-engaged-citizenry/etc., or just the basic puzzle-solving & communications explorations if that's your jam. Especially excited about the education front, since "learning is fun y'all" obvi!]

• Purely for fun (unless your idea of fun is quite similar to mine, and involves "being serious":-) in which case, hella fun)

What it is:

• for people who are bored or dissatisfied with normal social interaction

• for people who spend a lot of time considering.

• the above, but specifically "social structures" (and social "constructs")

• the above, but specifically persona, identity and emotional self-being

• anyone in tech or the arts (or both!) who's into using mediums of film/music/dance/plays/acting/literature in the service of greater understanding (starting with you as the learner trying to figure stuff out, with help from the tons of awesome folks who've left brilliant legacies for us to build upon), & springboarding technology to facilitate a well organized and designed society. Not that there isn't a lot of beauty in haphazardness, or that organization cannot veer into an 'ego trip'. But it's possible to have visions for design that incorporate and synthesize information, and are not motivated purely by ego but rather are the product of thoughtfulness.

• open to people interested in approaching problems from an engineering-type of standpoint

• welcoming to people with an intuitive approach to problem-solving and/or problem-defining, with a somewhat reliable (sophisticated or interesting/quirky/creative & constructive -or deconstructive!) inner-compass.

• for people who can be reasonably civil even while being very invested! I value honesty a lot more than manners, and politeness canbe repressive, but there's that line where it crosses over and becomes more about one's own personal issues than any vindication of "Truths", and it's good to have at least a general grasp and recognition of this? It's difficult to be reasonable, and perhaps even more difficult to recognize when we're being unreasonable, but it's good to at least try, yada yada.

Specifically, I'd be interested in exploring the transition to more "active/engaged citizenry" (heyo, how about that election, wowza!) in NYC (a particularly good petri dish for this stuff). I know, there's lots of groups around this idea, but I'd like to explore this issue from a slightly different pov, though I love that there are so many peeps that are into being civic minded! Education is a bit of a pet passion of mine, and I also really love structures and good organization and design around organization. Also I'm big on music and the arts, keen on communication skills, good messaging and strong graphic design.

I'm also strongly interested in exploring feelings and self-identity. So, both inward and outward really interest me... But I'm pretty process-heavy: tho I do appreciate that there are limitations of time, so 'processing' is ideally guided towards creative/constructive actions. It's obviously incredibly easy to be misdirected! ...but otoh, there is also a lot of momentum that can propel in good, creative, innovative directions... so it's both challenging and exciting.

If you're a bit of a very strange weirdo who feels very connected to society (or alienated from it!) who's really into doing your own thing, and you think that might jibe well, please introduce yourself, and let me know what kinds of things you'd like to do, what sorts of things you'd like to (or have) joined, and what makes you very happy and excited and engaged.

If that's not you, but you know someone who might fit the bill -as long as they are not into aliens- please send them my way!


Blessings and salutations!

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