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Walk a Sacred OnLIne interactive Labyrinth.
Here's the link to the online location: Hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Remember that in the labyrinth the 3D rules relax. Time, space, extraneous noise and interruption are altered as we move toward center. This creates a personal, sacred space, a high frequency bubble of awareness that allows your stress to be transformed by the laws of resonance. This interactive model gives you multiple options. You may use your mouse to move the cursor or you may choose to allow the program to do that for you. Either way, you may follow the mouse with your eyes or a finger. Close or cover one eye... and follow with the other: you access & enhance the opposite side of your brain. Do the same with the other, then perhaps, both. If you are using your finger to follow the cursor along the path use one finger the first time... use the same finger on the other hand next time. Again, this accesses different parts of your brain and brings clearing & energy to that part that is being stimulated. This translates into clearer neurological pathways, clearer energy meridians in your body and opportunities for greater insight, stronger connections to your own intuition and spirit. Before your 'walk, you could smudge, light a candle, say a prayer, call in the Four Directions, invite your angels or guides to be present with you on the path.... Set your intention if you wish, ask your guidance to show you what you need to know, or what is standing in your way. You might ask to understand and release an illusion that is keeping you from a relationship or abundance in your life. As you return from center, you may invite understanding, knowing, peace to fill your awareness. Take time for yourself after your 'walk'. Have some water handy. This kind of vibrational/energy work allows the body to transmute and release long held concepts, belief forms, illusions from their resting place in cellular memory to be transformed into energy that supports you instead of weighing you down. Just as if you did yoga or had a massage, your body may release and clear pure water will support the process. Even in an interactive online labyrinth... you are never alone... If we all walk at 3 on the 2nd Sunday... we walk together. And always, even when it seems we are walking alone, or not... our guides & angels are there. Will be posting a couple of holiday events... hope to see you in 3D soon. Peace, Deb

A Sacred Path

An interactive OnLine Labyrinth Walk · On Line, MA

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Our Community Intention: sharing labyrinth walks, experiences, info and knowledge with each other. Hope you will join me in visiting local labyrinths and power points; connecting with Earth & Nature thru the labyrinth; expanding our multi-dimensional awareness thru experiencing a variety of these sacred forms.

Walking the curving paths of the labyrinth may bring quiet to a busy mind, peace to a troubled heart, enhance insight, awareness and intuition. As a solitary journey or in a group, the path always leads to the center, always takes us home, always reveals our relationship to all that is around us... nature & community... often in unanticipated ways.

Come walk with us and experience the magic... or just be in peace with your self.



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