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No one is protected from an onset of anxiety, phobias or panic attacks at any point in life. Just a month ago you were a cheerful carefree self, traveling, going out with friends, enjoying every single day, but something triggered you and life has changed. Or maybe you are suffering for years already. Some people may have already disappeared from your life, because being a friend of someone with a psychological issue is hard. Some friends and family stayed by your side. They help you as much as they can, but they don’t truly understand what you are going through exactly. Because they are not in your shoes. And it can be so hard to explain. When not scared out of your mind, you probably feel helpless, alone, doomed, wondering if your life will ever get better again. I created this group for women who want to support each other through hard times, cheer each other up, be that holding hand, listen, understand and be understood truly and wholeheartedly, without judgment. I would love us to meet over coffees or teas ( some of you have probably gave up coffee ;)), lunch or picnic in the park and discuss our issues, fears and experiences, share tips on how to free our lives from fear, see each other grow and build friendships. Each and every woman will have an opportunity to share her story with no interruptions and we will support her in her journey to healing. We will do fun and calming things together such as art therapy, yoga, hiking. Whatever makes us feel good and brings us back to our lives. We can do it together. We will battle, persevere and peel of those layers of fear, under which a beautiful and strong fire of self is still burning and cannot be extinguished.

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