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Drinks and Chocs Soiree - Monthly Meet Ups for 2017
Hi Ladies, The Summer is, finally here, you can't afford to miss all the remaining meetups for 2017 from 6:30pm at The Glenn Miller Bar at The Amba Hotel, formerly Thistle: Marble Arch, London. Last month in May we had a blast.... celebrating the wonderful fact that we have survived 5 months of 2017 - Yay!!! There is no charge except for your drinks. I'll come with the Chocs and stuff. Kindly RSVP. Don't forget to add your email and I will send you a free chapter from my Amazon Best Selling Book, Reinvent You! How to Move from "We to Me" After Divorce. Looking forward to meeting all of you in the coming months. In the meantime, Keep Strong, Keep Smiling and Keep Believing. Zina ๐Ÿ’–

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What we're about

Have you recently gone through a breakup, separation or divorce?

Do you often feel confused, stuck in the past and can't help wondering what went wrong in your personal life when your professional life is going so well?

Canโ€™t stop thinking about the โ€œWhat Ifโ€™sโ€?

Love playing the blame game or attending pity parties for one?

Maybe you feel vulnerable, defenseless and in pain but feel forced to hide behind the success of your career - keeping up your professorial persona.

How many female professionals get help? We are seen as strong and successful who can hold our own, strengthen and motivate organisations and be the anchor to so many.

Who can we talk to? Who guides us to a positive place of healing in order to start again?

CALLING all Strong and Amazing Professional women who are currently divorced, separated or have been affected by a long term relationship breakdown.
Women with tough exteriors who have enjoyed successful careers in the workplace and in business but not necessarily in their personal love lives i.e. "Success at Work / Brokeness at Heart." Women who are successful business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who, to the outside world, have it all together, yet feel less than successful when navigating the inner workings of love, peace and true fulfillment.

We are a group of phenomenal Women who refuse to allow the experience to define who we are or define our future.

Are you a woman who is ready to take back control of her life and take the next step on the road to recovery and reinvention?

If this is you, Here's our warm invitation to you - Join us. Behind your hectic professional life style - you still need to find your authentic essence of You and reconnect to your feminine self. Stop hiding behind work, late hours in the office.

All fabulous professionals between the age of 25 - 65 are welcome, irregardless of your cultural or religious background . Whether you are single, divorced, separated or widowed; Our only criteria is you that have suffered a relationship breakdown and are ready to move on, support other women and start over to find a better life and a better YOU. This is supportive group where we hang out, share our experiences, arrange empowerment and mindset transformation events, go on retreats etc so that we are able release, relax and reinvent ourselves.
End result? - Emotional Power House ladies who are congruent with a balanced personal and emotional life that integrates perfectly with our professional successes - empowered with a reignited sense of their feminine self, equipped to take on all that life has to offer and more.

Ladies, this is the group for you. Lawyers, Doctors, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Accountants, Nurses, just to name a few.

Looking forward to meeting you all

Z xxx

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