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**Please read the details of our group before joining and, if you decide to join us, please answer the questions asked and include a picture of yourself (not your pet, etc). Your request may be declined if the requested information is not provided**

**Strangers Are Just Friends Waiting To Happen. ~Rod McKuen**

Are you a woman who enjoys traveling or anxious to find out? Do you have a desire to travel and your head is swirling with trip ideas but don't have anyone to share them with? Are you new to the area or a long time resident and having a difficult time meeting and making connections with other mature and like-minded women who share the same interests? Do you have friends and family that you enjoy traveling with but are looking for new ideas to add to your "Bucket List"?

This group is for you!

I encourage all women who have a desire for traveling to join this group. Are you single, married, have children? WELCOME! Most of our local meetups will be open to just the ladies but there will be some where couples and families will be invited to join us. And, most ALL of our travel meetups are open to singles, couples, and families.

Trip ideas will be posted and put together throughout the year. We will travel all over the world by sea and land, to Vegas, Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, Savannah, Ski Resorts . . . you name it! Our trips will be over the weekend or longer. They may revolve around special events, themes, holidays, festivals, etc. and "just because". And, they will appeal to singles, couples and families.

This is NOT a "Virtual" Group however, we may have some virtual meetups. We will also have in-person pre-travel meetups to allow members to plan the details, ask questions, etc. as well as "just because" (Theater, museums, movies, dinners, game nights, etc.) meetups to mix and mingle with potential travel mates but, most importantly, to hopefully build lasting friendships.

**Members are strongly encouraged and expected to attend meetups and suggest travel destinations and trip ideas as well as invite friends and family to join us on our travels. Special incentives are given to our members who "host" trips.

Membership for this group is free to you. If you are a Travel Agent or member of a travel related MLM, this group is not for you as we have a resident Travel Agent who manages all of our travel. If you are a business owner, please do not join if your intent is to solicit for your business as that is not this groups theme or purpose. There are plenty other Meetup groups that have been established just for you and your business. However, I am willing to consider an event that involves business owners and involves giving back to our communities. Please reach out to me to discuss.

Nobody likes to travel with strangers, but, strangers are just friends waiting to happen. So, come on in, make some friends, pack your bags and let's start traveling the world!
RSVP’s for a Meetup:

Local Meetups:

Please be courteous! Your RSVP is important and drives how the host needs to prepare for an event. If you RSVP ”yes” for an upcoming Meetup, then you’ve made a commitment to attend. I understand stuff happens that might prevent you (and me) from attending. If this is the case, please make every effort to update your RSVP, and/or call or email the Organizer to allow for those hosting to plan accordingly. Sometimes a notification may not be possible. This is understandable. However, if you are a repeat offender (3 or more no-shows) you may be removed without warning. If there are not at least three RSVP's "yes" in addition to the Organizer for a Meetup, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Meetup up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and time. That said, many of our local events will require a small, non-refundable fee with your RSVP as a gesture of your commitment to attend the scheduled event.

Additionally, if you don't RSVP, it is not okay to "crash" an event. In addition to the time and effort invested in an event based on the number of RSVPs, there are times an event will be cancelled due to the lack of RSVPs. We recommend you check the calendar and RSVP for the events you plan to attend, as well as to ensure the event hasn't been cancelled.

Travel Meetups:

Please be courteous! Do NOT RSVP “yes” unless you are truly prepared to commit. This means you must be prepared to pay the required deposits and/or communicate your intentions within 48 hours of your RSVP!

If within 48 hours, you have not contacted the Organizer directly or registered at the provided link/registration page to include providing payment information, you may be added to the "wait-list" until the requirements have been met, at which time you will be added back to the confirmed RSVP list. If you are a repeat offender (3 or more instances of not following thru), you will be removed from the group.

To protect you and your travel mates, all traveling members are required to purchase travel insurance.

Once you pay your initial deposit and are matched up with a roommate, you've made a commitment to comply with the scheduled payment plans. If you don't comply, your roommate reserves the right to find a replacement immediately. You will not be authorized to seek another travel mate within the group until you are caught up with your payments. Otherwise, you will either need to find your own travel mate outside of the group, pay any single supplement rates, or cancel your trip, but at your own risk and loss of any non-refundable deposits paid.

Safety & Respect for Others:

“Strangers are just friends waiting to happen”. Though we are hopefully all here to build friendships, we are starting out as strangers. So please exercise caution and sound judgment when sharing and exchanging personal information with other group members, getting into a vehicle with another member, and inviting members into your home. The Organizers do not conduct background checks on any member and are NOT responsible for them or their actions. On that note, disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. All are expected to be respectful to all, regardless of anyone’s race, religion, age, or sexual preference.

By joining this group, volunteering for this group and/or attending our events, you agree to hold Meetup, The Organizers, Assistant Organizer, Event Organizers and other members harmless in the case of accident, incident, personal injury, loss of life, destruction or loss of personal property or any other wrongful act.

By joining this group, you acknowledge that you have done so of your own free will and understand that membership is voluntary and expressly waive any and all such claims against each and every other member in the group, including without limitation any and all claims against the group organizer or assistant organizers. You are responsible for your own safety. You also agree to read the event postings and to adhere to any guidelines posted or given by Meetup, our organizers and the event vendor.

Suggesting a Meetup:

Please make this group YOUR group. However, as many of you are aware, the Organizers of any Meetup Group pay a fee to start and maintain the group, and this is in addition to our valuable personal time. I do not charge a membership fee for you to join. All that I ask in return is that the members don't ask me to do the work involved with researching and putting together a quote, building cruise/land tour sheets, and creating/posting it to the Meetup site, unless they are prepared to commit and book.

I also do not approve of “trolling” this site for travel mates to join you on trips scheduled outside of this group and not coordinated by and booked directly by me. This is to protect YOU and ME from any liability. If you have a trip idea, are ready to commit and book, please contact me directly with the details and I will work on some quotes and, upon your concurrence, create a Meetup to invite others to join you. If it turns into a “qualified group”, I will pass on any group amenities (e.g. lower rates, on board credits, etc.) to those attending as well as any group leader amenities to you as the event host. It’s a win/win!

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